Best ReSound Connectivity Guide I've Seen So Far

While playing around with my new Apple Watch the other day, I stumbled upon the best connectivity guide from ReSound that I’ve seen so far. I thought rather than just dump it into some long diffuse thread on ReSound aids that the guide was good enough and unique enough that it deserved a thread of its own - that might make it easier for newbies to this forum looking for help on ReSound Connectivity to discover the document, too. The guide covers connectivity issues with iOS and Android, Remote Assist, and basic features of the ReSound Smart 3D app and is very well-illustrated.

Edit_Update: I do note that the document is a bit long of tooth - it was created 2017-06-30, as determined from the PDF properties. But looking over it almost all of the information presented still seems to be applicable. The document would not cover ASHA connectivity through Android devices. I shall be on the lookout for a newer version of the document and if anyone discovers the same, it would be great to add a link in this thread.