Best price for batteries I've found

The best price I’ve found for fresh, legitimate hearing aid batteries is right here from hearing tracker. I get the duracell ones. They sell an 80 pack of all sizes for $22 with free shipping. This is much better than amazon and even better than questionable sellers from ebay (where I’ve received expired batteries). Just wanted to pass this on to you. Duracell Activair® Hearing Aid Batteries


In Canada the best prices I have found is at a Costco store. They are $11 CDN for 48. I think they are about $8 US in the US for the 48 pack. The store tells me they are made in the US by Ray-O-Vac.


I have had good luck with hearing aid batteries from Costco. They are American made and cost less than $9 for 48 batteries. They are packaged in 6 packs of 8 batteries in plastic dispenser packs. With these if you have some that are growing old and nearbtheir death date, Costco will gladly refund your money.

With that said, I believe that for those who do not have a Costco nearby, buying from makes sense. Great price and you will be supporting the forum.


Thank goodness for the NHS.
FREE batteries.


I get my batteries free from the VA, along with my wax guards, and anything else that I need. Even my hearing aid dryer

I question the truthfulness of this site!
Please look at the image I captured from the site where I have marked it with a red line and circle.

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It must be an old photo, because I have ordered twice from them. Once size 13 and now size 312 for my new aids. I received 10 packs of 8 each time. And the batteries are good until 5-2023, so they are very fresh.

Text is correct, picture is not. You get 80 batteries.

Woah! So untrusting.
That said, 8 packs must be an American thing as we only get 6 packs here.
However, it didn’t take me long to find proof…



For me the best has been Costco. Interestingly, they have been US made ( RayoVac?). The latest purchase has been in a different package and made in Germany.

I don’t think twice about getting batteries anywhere but right here at hearing tracker. My little way of supporting this forum.

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I’ve continued buying mine from the company that used to own this site, Free shipping, 10% off coupon with each purchase. And I always got good fresh batteries from them.

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Costco, about 17 cents a battery.

I agree, and will probably buy more from Costco now.

You’re right.

Standard pack size in the UK is 6, whereas in the US it is (multiples of) 8.

Extra | Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries - UK Site - US Site

Not that it matters really but why is that? :thinking: Curious…


Good question.

There is no specific reason as such beyond customer preference really. Rayovac, for example do sell both 6 and 8 packs in Europe, and even when the price per cell is like-for-like, the 6 pack is just more popular, and hence considered a standard pack size.

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Wow, I installed those pictures myself, but never noticed the number there. Good find. A tried Googling for high resolution 8-pack images, but not having much luck.

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I believe they are still affiliated with each other but not positive.

Here ya go, right from my office.

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