Best possible Hearing Aid for Profond loss - within budget

Dear All,
I am new to this forum. I am very much excited to see this forum and would like to take some experienced advices from you.
My mother has profound hearing loss. The audiogram showed Pure Tone average as 105 dB. She is currently using a Siemense Analog HA since 2002. She is happy with it as she didn’t have good benifits from the HAs used before that.
Now I saw in various articles about the advances in this area which is giving me hope for my mother to get a better hearing at this age (70+).
I am currently living in Germany. When checked up in some of the shops here, the cost proposed for the latest items is above 2500Euro per piece which is far beyond my budget.
I am looking for a decent one even if it improves it to a noticeable level from what is now. Unfortunately I cannot afford more than $600.

Among many checked, I found the one ELECTONE TANGO 3SP in EBAY which is well within my budget. I would like to have some experiences on the model from someone here in this forum.

Or do anyone has positive experience with any other model whcih comes within this budget? Could you please share it?

I am from India. Is there any experiences with Indian brands? Are they also OK? Any brand suggestible?

Thanks you very much in anticipation



A long time ago I meet the owner of elkon (a manf from india), they decided to sell brand name products, i believe they retail either interton or something like that… Out of the top of my head, given the price constrain
perhaps the trimflexplus could do the trick given the price you are willing to pay

I would say one needs to get an audiogram first to determine the hearing loss one has.

I am wearing a Siemens Intuis SP now. I also had a Siemens Centra SP, which I recently lost. purchased the Hearing aids new on e-bay

my audigram is:
0250.Hz L-105 R-70
0500.Hz L-110 R-80
1000.Hz L-100 R-80
2000.Hz L-100 R-70
3000.Hz L-105 R-85
4000.Hz L-95 R-85
6000 Hz L-110 R-110
8000.Hz L-105 R-105