Best market for used hearing aids

A family friend has just passed away. His wife has inquired with my family if we know of anyone who would be interested in purchasing her late husband’s hearing instruments. Is there a reputable ‘refurbisher’ that you can recommend, who would purchase them from her? If anyone’s interested, I can get brand/style information from her.

Thank you in advance

The forum has a classified area you could try and sell them from.
Hearing aids are sold on eBay and Craigslist that I know of here in the US.

I don’t know of any business that buys used aids.

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I recently bought a very nice pair of Phonak V90 from a fellow on ebay. He was very helpful, communicated very well and was concerned that I got the product I was looking for and in god condition. He might be interested in handling your friend’s hearing aids. He can be contacted on his ebay mail at

Good Luck

They can also be donated to the Lions Club and used as a deduction on their taxes. If they are a custom product, they will be difficult to adapt to someone else. If they are a behind the ear product, they can certainly be programmed to accommodate a different hearing loss.