BEST in-the-ear aids for iPhone?

On behalf of my 92-yr-old mother-in-law, I ask the gang here: what is the BEST model of iPhone-compatible hearing aid that is IN THE EAR? She would like me to accompany her to her audiologist as her advocate and see if the 3 of us could come up with a solution for my mother-in-law’s hearing issues. She is simply unable to change programs on her current ITE aids.

She has hair long enough to get in the way of BTE or RIE models of aids, and her dexterity & coordination would also preclude the buttons on those kinds of models.

She’s been wearing an older, lower-end Oticon ITE aid for 3 years now, and is UNABLE to change programs pressing the button. I’ve watched her try to change programs, and she is merely boosting/decreasing the volume - she simply doesn’t have the coordination or comprehension to hold the button long enough to change programs.

I was thinking that since she has an iPhone 6S, she may be an excellent candidate for Apple-compatible aids whereby she’d use an app on her iPhone to SHOW her what program she’s in, the volume level, battery life and even use that device as a mic in live listening situations.

Only catch would be that the aid would have to be IN THE EAR and not any unit with a BTE component.

If anyone here has a good recommendation, I’d be ever so grateful! I’d be able to accompany my mother-in-law to her audi and actually get down to the brass tacks with a specific make & model. I see that Costco’s Kirkland model is on the list of Apple-compatibles, but I don’t think she’d get the audi support she needs going that route.

All of the Costco aids have ITE models. Resound also sell a 6 and an 8 level. If she isn’t that active the 6 should be OK and cost about as much as the KS7. It could be adjusted with the iPhone app.

Unsure if you want direct streaming ability to the iPhone, or just the ability to use the phone as a remote? If just as a remote, all of the Big 6 have ITE aids that have apps that would work with Iphone. If you want streaming without an intermediate device, I see that Resound seems to. Not sure about others.

Thanks folks! I was actually thinking about Oticon - hoping they’d have an IN the ear model that would be able to stream to an iPhone. Another great feature of Apple compatible is that the phone can be used as a portable mic itself. So my mother-in-law could place the phone on the dining table at her assisted living place and hear other people at the table better than just listening through aids with a directional program.

Her biggest challenge is that she can not seem to press the button on her ITE aids correctly to actually change a program! AUGH. She keeps blipping it with a quick press, and that only increases the volume, as she always hits the RIGHT aid.

If she could get an app onto her iPhone, she could actually get visual confirmation as to what program she’s in and the volume she’s at. Plus the added benefit of the mic feature.

Again, I hesitate to go any Costco route as she needs a very patient audiologist who’s there every day for her - not just on a shift now and then. But Resound may be a model her audiologist could recommend (even if it means paying DOUBLE what it would cost at Costco).

I’ve actually found Costco to be more patient than my Mom’s audiologist, but I’m sure there’s a lot of variety. I don’t think Oticon has an ITE that is made for iPhone. Resound looks like it does. Sure Phonak and Signia don’t. Maybe Starkey or Widex? Resound has a reputation for being good at “connectivity” in a survey I saw. I think they’ve been doing made for iPhone the longest.

Not sure why you must presume that she needs an ITE/CIC HA. Your logic seems to be she can’t change programs by pressing the buttons, so she needs an ITE/CIC HA.

The most important thing I hear here is that she can’t change programs. So find an HA that works in ALL environments using one program only. Then if she clicks on the button, it’d be for volume change only. And she doesn’t even need to control anything on her iPhone. If there’s only one program for everything which precludes the need to use the buttons for program change, then what’s wrong with using a BTE/RITE that can do that?

Many HAs now have automatic program change so that she doesn’t need to change any program. The OPN only needs one program for everything, not even a need for an automatic program change. Many of them have MFI functionality for iPhone streaming.

So focus on one program only as the main criteria, not ITE as the main criteria.

Well, the iPhone doesn’t provide the same features when you use it as a microphone. It is noise suppressing and expect the voice to be close. I tried it once with poor results. I don’t think it will do what you hope.

Any current product has a phone app to adjust things. All but Phonak stream MFi and it does any phone and a single ear.

If Mom is willing, she’ll get best results with RIC but do what is comfortable.

Thanks to ALL for your valuable input. My mother-in-law tried a BTE unit a few years ago and it kept falling out of her ear every time she’d put her glasses on or put a hairband on or comb her hair. Augh. She is just not dexterous enough to steer around the aid hanging behind her ear.

However - serendipitous! - I ran into my aud-guy at an app’t with a doc down the hall from him today. When I mentioned my mother-in-law’s NEED for a workable solution to adjust programs and volumes he said that she could likely buy a separate, hand-held remote device for her old Alta Pro aids that she could use easier than trying to press the itty bitty button on her ITE aids. So I will do some online research and see if I can find exactly what could work for her. She could print out my email and take that to her audiologist if I’m unable to get down to her place and help her. Yeah … up here on a mountaintop, just waiting for our first big snow this weekend.

I’ll keep everyone posted. I think a remote device would (like her iPhone) give her the visual CUE that she has either changed the program or not. She would be able to adjust volume and program with a BIGGER device in her hands instead of flibbity-jibbiting in her hair to get at the aid. She is truly very challenged with dexterity, and has difficulty even getting an ITE aid to seat in her ear properly. It must be so frustrating …