Best IIC hearing aids for SHNL

I had SHNL 3 years before and still does not come to normal. One ear has very less hearing ability and non of the hearing aids work on right ear. I have tried several RIC for almost all company high end hearing aids and feel that BTE works well and perform well compare to any of RIC.

The looks is too in priority since loose confidence and also people suspect and deny to give any employment. I want to have IIC / CIC with phone connectivity which can boost my confidence level for normal life.

Please suggest me the best of best CIC/IIC available in market and also how to get this on trail.

One possibility is Resound with MFi (Made For iPhone) connectivity. They also market an excellent clipon device that can work with other BT devices. That can be used with business phone systems that either come with BT or can attach to an add-on device.

Depending on your loss, you may need the larger CIC aid which shows more than a RIC would.