Best Hearing Aids in 2019 - Now featuring average retail prices

Where available, we now include average retail prices.


I started my HA Internet search last year and first found HearingTracker and then I found Dr. Cliff. I was very fortunate to have found both of you and I was able to make an informed decision that turned out to be the right one for me. Thank you all for being there!

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Thanks for that. I’ve bookmarked your page. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it in my jumble of bookmarks when I need (read: can afford) new aids.


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Also, just did a long overdue update of those bar charts to reflect our audiologist survey in Q2 2019. The latest numbers should be available soon.

Thank goodness I don’t need to purchase another aid for my L ear. Unless I’m dissatisfied with the bottom tier Enzo2. They will come as a “gift” from the Gov. When I did a price conversion from $US to $AU, the price for just 1 aid is a bit staggering :flushed:

All the prices we quote on the site are pair prices btw.

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Personally, I think the prices are way too high, but I’m on the outside looking in and not able to afford to replace them often enough.

There could be a lot of R&D and other costs I’m just not aware of.


Average savings using our Hearing Aid Deals program is over $1,000… so, it’s worth taking a look there…

Oh, and here’s an explanation of the program.

Thanks. Mine are about a year old, so I’m not ready yet, but I’ll keep this in mind for next time.

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When I was fitting hearing aids, most people upgraded after 4-6 years. Is that still normal? I know the tech is changing more rapidly these days.

You don’t fit hearing aids anymore?

Well, I still know how… and obviously keep abreast of the research and best practices… but this website keeps me busy. It’s my full-time job. If I got back into it, I would be more interested in the research side or commercial development… I loved seeing patients, but I hated sales.

I think that’s still pretty common. The audi that I’ll be trialing the Marvels with said he usually likes people to wait 4-5 years, but thought of the Costco aids as being somewhat older tech. I’m guessing the Signia PX that my KS7s are based on are 4 years old.

I wish I could change them every 4 years, but as a self-employed musician with lousy insurance, I have to wait until they quit working and are difficult to get repaired.

Such is life. If I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose to be a career musician.

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