Best hearing aid that helps understanding speech clearly for sever hearing loss?

What is the best hearing aid that helps understanding speech clearly for sever hearing loss? :confused::confused:

depends who you talk to. Example, if you talk to Phonak - widex they will offer
solution with frequency transpotion - frequency compression. It is true that is the
hearing loss goes over 100dbhl the probability that of cochlear dead region is high
and therefore, this will be the best bet.

If you talk to siemens - Oticon they will have large bandwith 10K. they content that
access to this information will improve spacial hearing along with speech cues.
this could be true if there is no cochlear dead regions.

What HAs would be best for someone with my hearing loss?

Phonaks or Unitrons are good power aids. I like the new Sonic In Endura. But I have not tested them

Could you speak somethign clearer? :smiley:

Here is my audiogram ,so tell me what will help

0125.HzL-20 R-20
0250.HzL-20 R-20
0500.HzL-40 R-30
1000.HzL-80 R-60
2000.HzL-90 R-90
4000.HzL-100 R-90
8000.HzL-100 R-100

This may be an unrealistic expectation: if your hearing resolution is poor, even with the sound turned-up you may struggle to hear.

Precipitous loss, which is an issue, as any aid that tries to provide sufficient power for the stuff above 1Khz will likely affect the relatively good hearing below. I would reckon on an Audeo Smart, possibly with a power REC if you needed it, but absolutely with SoundRecover.

It will sound quite odd at the start - rehab may take many months due to the shift of the upper frequencies. You might hate the sound too - but it will get you using the area above 4Khz that you essentially cannot utilize at the moment.

When were you prescribed the DMs?

What do they sound like?

I’ve only had them about 2 years (one more payment on the low-interest loan I was able to get for them :)). They’re fine but I’m reading all these great reviews for “speech in noise”, etc, and I know the DMs are an “old” model.

I’m just curious at this time as I don’t know if I can afford new HAs so soon after getting these, but I may consider demoing the newer one’s if there are any out there for my type of loss that may be “better” than the DMs. I’d like to keep the costs low though.

Unfortunately, I think my audi only carries Oticon, but I’m not positive about that.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

How do they sound - if they sound boomy, you might benefit from a slightly less powerful aid that concentrates on where your hearing isn’t so bad. OTOH, you might find that another aid doesn’t provide the kind of power you are used to. It’s all down to your experience, expectations and auditory resolution as well as the loss.

What I can’t see on your chart is the level of the conductive element within that loss - if sound isn’t being transmitted properly from the outside of the ear to the Cochlea, then you probably need a more powerful aid like you are wearing.

I would say they sound “normal”.

I do know that I have some conductive loss, but most of my loss is “nerve” loss (heriditary…started in my mid-30’s - I’m in my mid-50’s now). I don’t have my audiogram with me.

I’m just wondering if there are power aids out there with better “things” than the Sumo DMs have (directional mics, bluetooth, better Speech In Noise, etc). And if I should wait another year or two for even better super aids.:rolleyes:

Same concerns but for me I waited many years until I have profound loss and many aids can’t be an option for me.