Best hearing aid for Nerve Damage/Sensorineural hearing loss

Hi- My young wife has 60% and 40% hearing loss–nerve damage. We have gone to several docs and tried several hearing aids, but not much luck. I am desparate to find the best hearing aid for this issue and go to a doc that has the best brands. Any advice??

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common kind and hearing aids from the big six manufacturers are all made for that kind of loss. What are some of the problems you have had so far?

That type of loss is typical for most. It means very little; just that there is damage.

The percentages mean little. I am guessing that those are the marks shown on the audiogram.

Trying hearing aids doesn’t just happen. One has to acclimate to the recovered hearing. People often can take up to a month to start to get results. So an immediate result seldom happens.

It will help if you post your wife’s audiogram.