Best hearing aid for me questionnaire?

A few days ago, I found an online 8 or 9 page questionnaire that helped you to choose the best fitting hearing aid. I’m trying to locate that questionnaire. Problem is, I can’t find it. It was a link that I followed to get to it. I can not remember if it was from a link on near or from some other place such as zip hearing, etc.? Anyone have an idea where I can find it? I saved it, I thought, but apparently not.

It had questions as to what matters most, what was more important, etc. Then it would give you a percentage of which aid for the best circumstances you provided.

We have a little bug right now in our software that only allows you to take the survey one time with a given user account. As a workaround you may open this link in another browser, or in a private / incognito browser tab in your current browser: Personalized Hearing Aid Match Survey

I just tried it but there’s a box on the results screen that moves around covering text and making the page difficult to read. Tells me to click for the next but I can’t read the first. Hopefully another software bug. Looks interesting.


I took the survey and it gave me 6 aids, all Unitron brand, and it said all of them were a “poor match.” Didn’t seem very helpful to me.

I’ve always said, focus less on brand and more on provider. Find someone you feel comfortable working with, and who fits a variety of brands. My audi deals primarily in Starkey, but once he figured out my needs he fit me with the Phonak Marvel.

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I took the survey and it picked only on brand and aid and it is what I am wearing

I took it and it recommended the Phonak Naida B90 UP. There is no way I could ever tolerate an ultra power aid. I thought the way the responses were laid out was strange. Important was ranked below moderately important. I found that odd. Still, it was interesting, and I think it might actually help someone new to hearing aids who had no idea how to select an aid.