Best hearing aid dryer in 2019?

I’m using the Dry and Store Global II right now and I’m kind of tired of the fact that I constantly have to spend money on desiccant bricks and replace them every two months. Plus it’s too big and ugly.

Are there better dryers nowadays or are the desiccant bricks so important that I should continue using it?

I just use the Hal-Hen jar of activated alumina desiccant. It costs less than $20 at Costco, and can be regenerated in the microwave or oven. I’ve had it 10 months and have not had to regenerate it yet.

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I use the one recommended by Oticon and was given to me by the VA for use with my aids, and that is Perfectdry Lux

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I bought the dryer at CostCo, $40, easy to use (put them in, close the lid, press the button), no parts to replace. Perfect Dry Lux.


We have a new dryer at Sam’s Club hearing centers that retails for $39. It dries and uses ultraviolet light for sterilization. I have a few patients who bought them instead of using the free drying jar we give them, and I’ve had good feedback on them. I haven’t used them in the center, because I don’t have any need for it, so I can’t give any personal feedback.


I saw that dryer yesterday while picking up a TV connector for my wife’s KS9 aids. I would sure get one if I didn’t already have the Professional Dry & Store hearing aid dryer. I bought that dryer 10 years ago used, it still functions properly.

I have something similar that I bought off of Amazon. Works awesome.

Any time mine gets a little bit of moisture from sweating, etc. and acts up. I put it in the dryer for about 10-15 minutes and it’s good again. Shows how fast it works. I then leave them in overnight to make sure fully dry.

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I have the same one and I put my HAs in there most every night if I don’t forget.

My aids go in the dryer anytime they are not in my ears. I even take it with me when I travel. I call it my OCD with everything having to be in their place.

Also Amazon, I may give it a try if it lasts that long.


Dumped the Dry and Store bricks for the round can style that can be recharged for ever at 200 degrees in the oven until the beads turn dark green. The round cans are available at the Dry & Store on line at Hearing aid accessories, protectors, and cleaners.