Best hearing aid brand/series for severe to profound deaf 35 year old

Hi all,

I’ve been a Starkey wearer for a few years (the Destiny 1200) and always found them subpar for my needs. Since my insurance will provide another allotment to help reimburse the cost of hearing aids in a few months I figure I might as well get started now and do a little research to see if there’s a brand that can suit me better.

To start, I’m a 35 year old male who attends business dinner functions, conferences, participates in teleconferences, and enjoys music, TV, movies, gaming etc. I have a severe to profound loss in both ears that starts about the 60 decibel range and drops to 100+ in the higher frequencies.

The Destiny aids has been borderline useless in many noisy situations, precluding me from being able to participate in dinner conversations in restaurants, except with just one or two people if they are sitting close enough to me, and even then I only pick up a fraction of their conversations. It’s also been problematic for headset use as well with all the feedback it generates (along with ear and head pain from extensive headphone use).

So basically, I’m looking for powerful enough aids that have:

  • Little to no whistling/feedback

  • Bluetooth capabilities for BOTH ears that do not require an add-on ideally. I’d like to be able to just switch a setting and instantly be paired to my iPhone, computer, laptop, etc and thus preclude the need to wear any headphones or a headset when using the phone.

  • An “analyzing speech in noisy environments” feature/algorithm that actually WORKS, and isn’t a gimmicky pile of crap with merely a cool sounding name cooked up by a hearing brand’s marketing department. Business dinners are a regular part of my life, and I need aids that won’t impair my ability to network with people and move ahead with my career.

  • Volume control/dial, and as much autonomy over how I adjust my hearing aids as possible. This stupidity where a dispenser/audiologist had to set the VOLUME of my aids was the most offensive thing I have ever had to deal with as a deaf person (back when i was trying out Phonak). Really, I have to make an appointment just to adjust the VOLUME? At least Starkey here grants me a volume dial.

  • I understand BTE aids are typically my only option due to the severity of my loss, but it’d be nice if the industry finally made an ITE aid I could wear to avoid the stereotypes and prejudice I have to deal with as a result of wearing bulky ugly looking aids.

That’s pretty much it: No whistle/feedback, bluetooth, autonomy over programming/volume, better voice discrimination and an improved cosmetic look (helpful but not necessary)

Any recommendations appreciated.

Siemens Pure Carat 701’s with the miniTek…

BT phone into both ears
TVLink into both ears.
Just got these Friday but no static on the highs and I can hear the wife beside me in the car and when she sat in the back behind for testing.
button on one ear does the volume and the other button is set to do programs.
the miniTek will ppair with 2 cell phones, 2 TVLinks, multiple BT, has t-t-coil to keep the aids small. The big goodie is you don’t need it hanging around your neck!

I’m sure that a suitable solution can be found for your loss and needs - although maybe not 100% as your challenging/impossible ‘requirements list’ demands.

However maybe a calmer less angry approach would help you in your quest.

It’s not fair to dump your irritation on your next dispenser - we have enough of that already!

Glad you mentioned the car, that’s another issue I wanted addressed, namely where the hearing aid designers have the foresight to know that occasionally us hearing impaired people sometimes drive, so instead of needing to hear what’s in FRONT of me, I might need to hear the person NEXT to me or behind me. It’s like the thought never even occurs to them.

That is a tough one… to require that much power and still have all the features. If I had to recommend something it would be the Oticon Chili SP7 or SP9. Comes with a volume control, multiple program options, telecoil, bluetooth capabilities through a streamer, and it sounds great to boot!

Live with our hearing losses for one day, then you can talk. Otherwise, STFU.

I know enough to deal with the limitations of technology, but when the industry forces me to cede control over how my hearing aids should be programmed to a guy who can only venture to guess how I actually hear, be advised you are going to bear the brunt of our frustrations. If you don’t like it, then stop being a whiny crybaby little bitch and find another line of work.

Ho humm. What’s with the negative vibes?

Please don’t assume that because you haven’t heard of something that it’s the stupid manufacturers who don’t care about their clients.

The latest Phonak products do all that: LEFT, RIGHT - even the BACKWARDS direction.

Siemens Pure Carat 701’s with the miniTek
Oticon Chili SP7 or SP9

Thanks, I’ll need to check their specs out…

Ah, OK, I understand.

Apparently I have to tolerate abusive ill-informed clients with over-reaching expectations in order to pay my mortgage.

Well, actually I don’t. Luckily my clients are fantastic, bright, understanding, friendly people many of whom I have known for many years. And none of them swear at me!

On top of this I charge low prices and provide what I hope is an above average technical service.

Mind you, I live in the UK so maybe there is a cultural difference between here and the USA.

There probably is, dispensers in my region at least are notoriously undertrained and ill-informed. I’ve even gone to audiologists with Ph’ds and their service is horrendous. This is my life here, but they are too busy servicing 90 year olds who aren’t even cognizant of what day it is, let alone what they can hear, that the bar for customer satisfaction is pretty low.

In fairness that isn’t his fault either.

And I don’t buy the ‘you have to walk a mile in my shoes before you can help me’ line either: you wouldn’t expect your heart surgeon to have been through a quadruple bypass before he operated on you.

There’s some cracking technology out there; find a dispenser who is you age or younger as you want their technical nous and expectations to be as good as yours. Get yourself on a few free trials: see what’s on offer and make an informed opinion. It’s not always about money either, it’s what suits your needs.

There’s a Widex Super out there with some excellent accessories, give them a try.

Try going into the audiologist with a better disposition next time and see if you get better service or at the very least the service that the 90 year olds ( who don’t know what day it is ) get. I know a lot of audiologist don’t seem to competent, but if you go in with an attitude they are going to shine you off. If you have the hearing loss you say you do the Phonak Niada might be the aid for you, it does everything you seem to want and it’s also water resistant. good luck!

That was uncalled for. I don’t care how mad or frustrated you are, the post you were responding to was hardly insulting and it definitely doesn’t call for profanity and insults like that. I get that it’s frustrating and as an audiologist I accept that I will regularly have to deal with unhappy people but I would never tolerate a patient swearing at me or telling me anything like what you replied here. If you don’t like it, go buy all the stuff you need to fit the hearing aids yourself and save more professionals from having to deal with a patient like you…I’m sure you can find plenty of people on this board to get the information from…

Yeah, I AM in the USA and when it comes to being rude, crass, and insulting I don’t think it can be attributed to a “cultural difference”. A jerk is a jerk in any culture.

Lincoln, you can get as mad as you want and lump me in with your obvious low opinion of professionals but when you come onto a website and ask for input it’s poor form to go off and tell someone to “STFU” and then proceed to call them a “whiny crybaby little bitch” just because they told you something you didn’t really like hearing, well it doesn’t exactly encourage the rest of the pros to pitch in input on your situation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When you (anyone) go from pro to pro and they ALL are undertrained, uneducated, ill-informed, or whatever other negative descriptor you want to throw out there…well it might be time to start looking in the mirror to see where part of the problem might lie and stop blaming each and every professional you encounter.

When I first started my practice I had a patient much like Lincoln, rude, profane, obnoxious and ill informed.

I learned early on NOT to interact with people like him.

I was going to answer some of your queries, but instead I’ll agree to your request and STFU

Amen, DocAudio.

I had a good suggestion too… but I opted to ‘STFU’ also.

I feel sorry for the guy (Lincoln); he evidently feels like he’s the only one out here
with hearing loss that is negatively affecting his quality of life & work…at 35 he doesn’t realize or appreciate how good digital hearing aids have become…should have been around in the 80’s or early nineties trying to hear & do a job with the technologies of
those days…not that long ago…instruments today are like comparing a Ferrari to a model t ford…I guess I too better STFU…

I don’t see hostility here, just frustration. I can relate to this person, as I too have been down this path.

I actually enjoy working with this type of patient. Because when we sort out the issues, we both win big.

Frustration is completely understandable…but that doesn’t excuse that kind of response. I’m not sure how calling someone a “whiny crybaby little bitch” is acceptable in any way. I’m not really sure how you see that or telling someone to “STFU” as not being hostile. Dropping an F-bomb, even in text-speak is pretty hostile.

Doc, I respect you greatly. You are a true professional. However there have been numerous times where pro’s in this forum have belittled, teamed up and essentially verbally humiliated forum participants. Perhaps they didn’t swear or use vulgar words, but the message has been clear.

While I don’t condone the use of such language, I can understand why he said it.

I understand the frustration, but I still think that this was way over the line. You can get your point across, and still be rude, without using such language.