Best HA profound loss


Best for hearing with a lot of background noise on TV. Hear fairly well on talk shows but poor watching Movies


there are many good HA’s and each individual likes to hear differently… as far as watching TV get a HA that is capable of streaming from your TV directly to your HA


The most powerful aid for profound hearing loss is the Phonak Naida B UP. You can get a Naida V UP as there’s little different between the 2 versions.


Look at the Enzo 3D by Resound. VERY powerful


I have the Beltone Boost Max which is the same as the Enzo. I do not need the power. I need to reduce background noise


I have all the bells and whistles. TV Link2-MyPal- Remote- Phone Clip. Just the terrible background noise when trying to hear


That sounds more like a tuning issue if you already have the TV link.


I have a pair of Naida B UP’s. Good aids, but still have problems with hearing speech sounds in certain conditions despite audiologists best intentions. Told it’s because of the level of my hearing loss.