Best HA for a Musician


I’m a musician, sound designer, operator and soon to be sound tech teacher and i have recently started wearing an aid. (i have moderate hi-freq loss in my left ear as a result of a Myringoplasty 15 yrs ago)

The HA I have is a Siemens NHS issue but i really want to make sure i’m using the right one, one that is fantastic for music.

What recommendations do ppl have?


I folks; brand new here and will be watching this thread closely. I’m a early-50s musician who has resisted hearing aids though I should probably have gotten them at least 5 years ago. The resistance is over, even though I know most musicians are unhappy with the choices available in normal hearing aids: I need them. Have my first test scheduled next week. Thanks for asking the above and I’m looking forward to following closely.


The two brands I’ve seen with the most dedicated music claims are Unitron and Widex. How these perform vs the rest of the field is going to be a little subjective.

I’m glad to hear that, Um Bongo. I’m getting ready to trial both of those brands soon. My audi has patiently worked me through the Phonak Ambra and a quick demo of Siemens. Both had warbling/reverb issues that couldn’t be tweaked out for me. Music has been totally unenjoyable.

Next up: Unitron 360 (brand I’ve worn in the past) and the Widex Clear 440 Fusion. I’m interested to see how the receiver in the ear will work out with the Widex. I play the piano and haven’t had good results so far with Phonak. I’m currently wearing Phonak Naida V UP loaners with the same warbling/reverb problem.

One more thing, I have a profound loss and I’m thinking the programming required for me may be causing this unacceptable noise.

I wear Oticon Agile Pro mini RITE’s. When I put them on the music program, they sound excellent. Primarily, I use this program for the following;

  1. Watching TV with surround sound.
  2. Listening to music via my legacy Klipsh loudspeaker system.
  3. Playing my cutaway acoustic / electric guitar.

They all sound amazing with my Oticon’s. :slight_smile:

I have a more serious hearing loss than yours, but have been performing classical guitar wearing a hearing aid or two for many years. The best digital aid I have used for music so far is the Phonak Naida, but it may be too much power for your needs. Once the audie and I tweaked the music program I was quite impressed with it. I have tried a couple other aids which weren’t as good for me in that area. It isn’t the very best I have used as far as speech discrimination goes, but its pretty good in that department as well.

Due to my hearing I haven’t been able to enjoy music for a long time now. In a few days I will have my Oticon Agil Pro’s with the power mold. I appreciate the comments made by MKAH about his Oticon’s.