Best Deal on Dry and Store Products

I am a newbie and I am going to take delivery on my first pair of hearing aids in + or - 10 days. Based on what I’ve read on this forum and elsewhere, the “global” type is what I’ll be looking to get.

Anyone know who has the best deal going in terms of purchasing a Dry and Store?

There isn’t much price variance among the sellers that I’ve found, but shipping charges can be the deal killer.

If it were me, I’d just buy directly from the manufacturer, Ear Technology Corp., and call it done.

Even is $10 higher after 15% off than buying directly from the manufacturer.

10-4. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thank you…Admin

I agree with Jay Man Mostly all audiologist order from the same 2 or 3 companies for this type of thing so the price variance is very small

As suggested by jay_man2, I did go ahead and purchase one directly through Ear Technology Corp. Today is my first full day with my hearing aids. After getting them late yesterday afternoon and wearing them for about 6 hours, I did put them in the Dry and Store last night.

Which model did you get? I’ve had mine for almost 7 years, and it’s the big brown one that looks like a jewelry box, and has the uv lamp cycle.

I went ahead and got the mid-size model called the “global,” which is supposed to be between the professional and the smaller model called the zephyr. I travel fairly frequently, so I wanted something a little smaller than the professional size.

The Professional was the only one I knew about when I got mine. When it craps out I think I’ll replace it with the Global.

I am going to buy a Dry & Store.

Looking at the Global dimensions, it seems rather big.

Since I do a lot of travelling and will eventually be moving back to the States, I was looking at the Zephyr. This does not include a germicidal cycle though. How important is this? Should I forego the smaller size (still large!) and go for the Global because it does have it? How important is this?

I have a Zephyr and it works great for me. My audi didn’t believe I needed the germicidal cycle function and she could have easily sold me the Global. The Zephyr is small and light and great for travel.

I wanted the germicidal feature, which is why I chose the global rather than the zephyr. If you don’t need that feature the zephyr is supposed to be every bit as adept as the professional and global models in terms of moisture removal.

I like how it really dries out the wax, making the aids easier to clean. I just pulled my aids from the Dry and Store, and brushed the dried up wax from the receiver domes, and popped them in my ears. Easy maintenance. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I don’t know if the UV lamp really does anything or not, but my ears are less itchy when my aids are in the Dry and Store every night.

How does one know if they need the germicidal function?

“How does one know if they need the germicidal cycle function?”

This is just a guess on my part, but I think it might be something good to have if you’ve got problems with ear infections, moisture build up in your ears, itching, etc. I have noticed during the week that I’ve had my hearing aids that when I’ve been engaged in exercise, not only do I sweat, but my ears also become moist inside. Note: The tubes on my hearing aids are attached to silicon ear molds. With those things considered, I opted for a Dry and Store that provides a germicidal function.

I find this thread interesting …

People spend thousands of dollars on Aids…but when it comes to 99 bucks for someplace to store them they question it.

There were two reason I bought mine. One is it is a place to put my aids at night. Another is the UV light kills germs.

I wear custom earplugs when I ride my motorcycle and have for years. If I don’t wash them after every ride they cause my ears to itch. Now they just go in the dry & store and I never have a problem…

In general, less germs are better, I think:p

Actually, not necessarily. There are studies that show that cleaner environments for kids stunt the development of immune systems, and that growing up in a less than sterile environment is better for you in terms of immune system development and fewer health problems later on.

I bought the Dry & Store from The price was pretty much the same as anyone else. Since they sponsor this forum, I figured it was a good use of my money. The price for the desiccant was pretty much the same, too. May as well support those who support you.

This forum has been a heck of an educational tool for me.

I agree with Schwarz and J-man so just placed my order with localbattery. I decided on the Zephyr (thanks, jbobp) and appreciate the Admin tip on saving 10%. I’ve had HA for more than 20 yr and never used any drier but probably missed out on more than I realized due to less than optimally functioning HA. With my new set of AH SIE HA and a Zephyr drier, I’ll be hearing every little ting! Thanks for all the tips.