Best Cheap CIC PAIR (under 1k)... Walmart Simply Slim CIC , IHear HD CIC , iHear Instafit...etc


i guess 6 is the current model with almost same features as 5 . Rexton is basically Siemens / Signia but do ensure that you can get it programmed easily


I don’t think it matters too much to you, but I wouldn’t bet on bluetooth. I know it shows up being claimed in places, but I didn’t see any detail. It strikes me as very unlikely.


That sounds like a great deal.


One last thing … seller doesn’t do programming … I Don’t want to pay $350 for programming…I can run as is with the basic programs… but if I stay with Rexton when I get a New pair through INsurance next year …maybe I just go ahead and invest in programmer as well? …Is it connnex ? I had an old hipro years ago…I realize that wont work …what all do I need to program these?



Dont buy unless its programmed ,you can get it programmed or program yourself. I guess your hi-pro sould work with some rexton version of connexx and cs44 cables + flexstrips .


Ok Everyone… so weird experience with the Ebay seller … I sent them 3 messages never heard back once… I am ASSUMING since from India they dont speak english …

That said the Hearings aids came well packed …they are Inox cic 5’s …the Box says Inox 5 the owners manual says Inox6 .

They Do NOT have bluetooth (as far as I can figure out …tried different pairings nothing worked)

They do NOT have 6 preset Programs …again as far as I can figure out … there is no “button” to change programs

I did send them a Online audiogram asking if they could program for me … I never received any message back BUT the Hearing aids do appear to be programmed for my hearing loss… They work extremely well… clearly a quality components…amazed at how the sharp background noises are gone… I mean really really happy .

There is no Volume control … supposedly volume is some sort of built in adaptive to situation … ? anyway … again very happy with the volume as well… it does seem odd though I am unable to control that …

SIZE… these are the Smallest pair of CIC’s I have worn … they fit extremely well

For $380 very happy …would loved to have the Bluetooth …but for $380 they wil get me by until July 2019 when Insurance comes through


Do you have the Bluetooth device? I guess it would be the EasyTek, for these? If they have Bluetooth it would mean they talk to their Bluetooth device and it talks to everything else.

You would probably have to add the programs you want in the Connexx software (your pro can do it).

There is an app for these, I think, and it would allow program changes and volume changes.


Hello Don…I download rexton connex app off of google play…couldn’t connect


Which app (there should be at least 2) and what phone do you have with what operating system. I’m pretty sure you’d want to Connexx Smart Remote. It doesn’t use bluetooth though, but high pitched sounds from your smartphone. Even if it doesn’t work, still sounds like you got what you wanted.


You guys are the Best ! :wink: Yep that was it …I downloaded the wrong one… The Connexx Smart Remote is the correct …The “wrong” one is Connexx Smart Direct

And yes 6 Programs.

$380 for this set … I’m very very impressed . The Speech Clarity is amazing … not sure if it because they do such a good job eliminating the background noise or what .

If I tried these on at the Audiologist and he said they are $1,500 each …I would believe it .

OK … So
hi-pro and connex cables or is there an alternative programming box/software?


Cool! I think your best bet for programming would be mini pro, cables and whatever connection you need (I think it’s flex strips, but not sure) But I don’t know it’s worth the $300 it would take to purchase–$229 for mini pro, $50 for cables and $20 for whatever connector you need. I think I’d just stick with what you’ve got. With the app, you can control volume and have some control over highs and lows. Then again, if you can program, you might decide you don’t need fancier hearing aids. :>)


Yeah I am happy with the program that’s on it … Just like tinkering…

Anyway Thanks Everyone… and If anyone is considering CIC … testing them for 1-2 weeks is NOT good enough. You really need to wear them for a couple of months before it feels semi natural having them in.

Yeah I know your audiologist probably wont give you 3 months …so buying an inexpensive pair is a good start …just to see if you can get use to them . That said I would have no issue wearing these Inox5 cic as my main set . quality is high, speech clarity very good as well as their ability to knock down the "sharp and other back ground noises


If you want to tinker and $300 is reasonable, check out the DIY forum. Search for PVC, and click on his icon. Links to pretty much all you need to self program are found there. Ask questions about DIY on that forum.


Umm … since bluetooth …if I buy a a Rexton Smart Connect …can I bluetooth from my Tablet ? I drive Uber and would like to send Google directions in my ear


Maybe. How it would work would be your tablet would send bluetooth signal to your smart connect and Smart Connect would transmit signal to hearing aid via NFC (I think). You’d need a different app to use the smart connect. Not sure how available Smart Connect is anymore. If Costco still carries them, they have great prices. Smart Connect does not have a great reputation for reliability. I had one for a short time and then it started making lots of noise. I returned it.


I guess the Smart Connect neck loop might be the way to connect it to bluetooth devices because it claims to be bluetooth compatible and does not claim any builtin bluetooth streaming