Best Cheap CIC PAIR (under 1k)... Walmart Simply Slim CIC , IHear HD CIC , iHear Instafit...etc


I need a fairly inexpensive pair of CIC (preferrable programmable but not necessary) for 9 Months until my INsurance Company will buy me a new pair (July 2019)

The Last pair they paid for was a BTE AGX (oticon) and I hated them…sound was just “ok” and I always break out with a rash behind the ears no matter how clean they were. Thye lasted a whopping 20 months … I have been buying really cheap cic from aliexpress … $150 set…actually work fairly well but yeah all kinds of background noise…

So for the next 9 months or so …what do you guys/gals recommend (Yes I have grown use to cic fit) out of the list…Best Cheap CIC PAIR (under 1k)… Walmart Simply Slim CIC , IHear HD CIC , iHear Instafit…or?

I almost pulled the trigger on the Ihear HD but I have sent 2 emails with questions with no response …so if they wont answer prospective buyer I’d hate to deal with them if one of the HA’s isnt working

TIA !!


There’s a member here that is perfectly happy with his Sound World Solutions product.
They’re rather more than your $150 but rather less than Big 5 products.


Pretty sure Sound World Solutions are BTE, not CIC. He might want to look into Signia Silk in a level 1 or 2.


Singa Silk…yep that was another… seems like there are a number of versions/models even in the cic ? Are these really made in India ? Prices are all over the place from a few hundred a pair to over 3k

Can you point to the “real” ones? New to the forum not sure about linking rules


Siemens Signia Silk Primax $800 a set on ebay

Siemens Signia Lotus Run Click-CIC $300 set …are these any good?


Think I am going to go with I hear pro $700 for set and can be programmed.

I see the Signa Silk has 5 or more levels of technology" and the $800 set is the bare bones set


Sounds like you’ve come to a decision and answered your questions. Yes, Signia Silk has levels 1,2,3,5 and 7. My understanding is that advanced features are less helpful in a CIC then a RIC or BTE.


I’m going to sleep on It… Would you go for the Signa Silk Primax 1 $800 set … or the I hear Pro $700 set ?

Looks like the Silk 1 is just loaded with 4 basic programs (not programmable?) But I do like the look and it “appears” smaller than the Ihear …but the Ihear Pro I can send in my audiogram


I would go with Signia, or a previous model Phonak or Oticon, used on EBay. Something like the Phonak Verto V. Verto B is the current model. The V is the previous model.


The Signia Silk Primax would have all the programming of the Primax line, which is extensive. You would just have to watch the fitting range and make sure it is powerful enough for your loss. It does not go to severe, but Signia has a Primax power CIC, as does Phonak, and probably Oticon.


I looked at the Rexton version of the Silk in Connex. (I don’t have the Signia version downloaded, but it’s pretty readily available.) I agree it can handle 4 programs, but it can be programmed. Looks like it only has 3 bands that can be programmed, so basically lows, mids and highs. If whoever you buy them from will program them, I’d try the Silk Primax. I would think would come with some sort of trial period so should be possibility of returning them.


Ok Guys …not sure if this will work but rough Idea of my hearing loss


Don I looked at the Virto series (really liked the nano…since I am comfortable with the cic …I may even try iic wehn insurance covers…slight vanity)but they are too expensive…remember I just need a solid pair to get me by for 9 months until Insurance buys me a better pair


Wow… They are called the Rexton inOX…same numbering system as the Signia silks … 1-7 ! and half the price !! I am looking at a “5” series $400 for a set … I’m going to read up a bit more on them.


Programmable AND have bluetooth !.. Yeah I think those are the ones.


I’m talking about used on EBay. They pop up for a few hundred dollars.


Thanks Don…nothing on the V series listed now …

Calling it a night … The Rexton InOX 5 $400 set looks to good to be true…going to sleep on it


stick to big5 /6 brands and the latest technology level possible in your budget . new or used is less relevant if its click sleeve type fitting, unlocked and you can program / get programmed


looks like a good choice


OK Guys… I have to find out … $380 total… Rexton inOX 5 …


I can select / manage programs from Phone as well as volume… Rextons “Voice Ranger” supposedly helps single out voices (we all know they all promise) but at least there is some technology aiming at that …anyway for 9 months $400 I’ll see how it goes and post back …

inoX 5 Click-Fit Features

Tiny, comfortable, and fully featured. like inoX 6c CIC provides the ultimate in discretion and simplicity.
Three performance levels
Six programs
New! Voice Ranger
New! Reverb Reducer
New! Music Enhancer
Tinnitus Function
App compatible