Best cell phone to use with Nadia & ICom

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I was quizzing you guys about my Nadia 5 and ICom esp. pairing it with my Razor phone.

It’s now time to replace the ole pink Razor with a new phone. I want something that will work with my ICom and maybe has loud enough volume for me to hear without using my ICom. I don’t need a high falutin’ phone, just qwerty keys, picture taking and would love a GPS and if it connects to email all the better.

Prob. by my question you can tell that I am not a techie . We have AT&T which has worked well for us. So we will stick with them.

Any recommendations?

Thanks as always

I hear good things about the Samsung Galaxy line. I’m sure AT&T has some models of that.

You mentioned “connects to email all the better”. It will connect to email if you set it up. You will need to get involved in how everything works, what apps you want, how to configure it all. It is not hard but it is a big change from a Razor.

Every phone will pair with the ICom. I can’t tell you which phone is the loudest, but they should all be pretty similar.

Since you’re not a techie, you would hate the Galaxy line, or anything with Android for that matter.

If you’re jumping from an old RAZR, you need to go with either the iPhone or Windows Phone. You claim that you need a qwerty keyboard…why? Virtual keyboards are much faster, get with the 21st century and learn to swype (it’s a program that allows you to spell words by dragging your thumb around the virtual keyboard). If you steadfastly refuse to adapt, I suppose you could get an old windows phone with a keyboard like the LG Quantum.

Really, just walk into a Verizon or Sprint store and fiddle around until you like a phone. But I would highly recommend either the iPhone or a Windows Phone because they will be much easier for you to figure out on your own.

…iPhone works great with the iCom.

I havne’t found a device that iCom won’t connect with yet…

I’ve been shopping for a replacement for my Blackberry, which has always (4 years) worked well with my iCom and Phonak aids. It’s just too slow and limited anymore.(MAUM - a couple of the Blackberries and several other brands offer hard (pushbutton) QWERTY keyboards as well as the touchscreen keyboard, if that’s what you need.)
I tried a Samsung Captivate 2 years ago and had a dreadful time with all the keystrokes, camera button, etc. beeping in and activating my iCom.
Yesterday I tried iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC One in the ATT Store. (Did you know you can go in and Bluetooth pair your phone up to the display models to try out the features, sound; even make a local call?). All of them worked well for phone and music, but I had to crank them to max volume, even in the store, to get near my normal volume I get from the Blackberry at half power.
Anybody have suggestions on phones with stronger amplification through the iCom?
I’m going back tomorrow to try some others, including the Blackberry, but will probably wait to check the iPhone 5 on the 21st.

Oh, Phonak’s website link to iCom-compatible cell phones mostly says, “Your phone is fully compatible with iCom” for the models I checked, but for the iPhones only says, “Your phone supports iCom.” Anybody know what that’s about?

Thanks all,

Decided on the HTC 1X after trying them out at an ATT store. I like the big screen and am impressed by the camera - two things which were imp. to me. Since my husband also got the HTC, I figure that if/when I have problems I can have him (the engineer and techie) help me out.

Again all the input was quite helpful to me as always. Thanks!