Best Cell Phone for HOH

Does anybody have any good recommendations for a cell phone for someone with a high frequency hearing loss. I wear open fit hearing aids and when riding in the car I have to really strain to hear my dell phone. Regular phones, no problem.

You can always use a bluetooth telecoil neckloop with any bluetooth enabled phone as long as your aids have a telecoil. This works really well in most cases.

Thank you hearnow, but no good recommendations on just a good loud cell phone maybe similar to the features found on an amplified phone designed for the HOH?

I guess the best thing to try would go to a cellphone shop and try before you buy.

The loudest cellphone I’ve ever used was a Blackberry Curve.

be sure your phone has CDMA chip technology…I’ve had Audiovox for 4-5 years and it works quite well with both analog and digital HA’s.

hmmmm…did some checking around and it appears that I’ve been left in the dust…LOL got some catching up to do!

here’s the site to start with:

and, there’s a link to search for phones that are hearing aid compatible:

Apparantly many cell phone manufacturers are looking for ways to sort out any problems hearing impaired people have with cell phones. In the mean time, there are many cell phone accessories that may help.

First do you wear any type of ADL or hearing aid?

If so look in the book/ask who fitted it about cellphone use.

If not ask at cellphone shop if they have knowlege of a good cellphone for the HOH. Or at the nearest Hearing Ass.

If you can get t-coils put into your open-fit HAs, then i strongly suggest using the ClearSounds CLA7BT or the CLA7v2 Amplified Neckloop. That really is your best solution for cellphones

If you are binaural, it will be even better, actually far better than you would expect.

I tried a number of cell phones and all had volume issues from time to time. The volume on cell calls can vary depending on a lot of network factors.

With a neckloop, if it is amplified, you get more and additional control over volume. With binaural hearing on the phone, you eyes will light up. I found it incredibly good compared to the struggles I was having using just one ear. Plus I can drive my car without being stopped for driving distracted with cell phone to ear. Many cities have made that illegal.

Problem with cellphones is that the FCC limits the output of the phones. Because they are actually radios they are subject to “echo” in the system especially if the signal over drives the echo-cancellation in the network. Too much direct volume in a cellphone can cause the other person to have their voice echo back to them. That is a reason why you cannot get a good amplified headset - mic and speakers are too close and sound reflects back into the network and is not good. Reason we can use amplified neckloops is that there are no speakers and there is no sound to reflect back into the network.

Big advantage for HA users with T-Coils. We have something the hearing world can’t have.

I have a question: I have t-coils but have never had success with them. Now that i’m looking at new HA, my audie told me that t-coils don’t work with cell phones, just home phones - IS THIS TRUE? If so, I’m stunned as most of us use(or try to) cell phones a whole lot…
FYI, my old motorola cell had volume enough for me to hear without assistance, but the BB strorm doesn’t seem to.
Thanks - any info appreciated…

The T-coil picks up magnetic resonance - which landline telephone handsets emit. Cell phones don’t emit any magnetic resonance.

For some cell phones, particularly Motorola and Nokia, you can get t-coil neckloops that plug into the headset jack of the cell phone, and do create the necessary magnetic resonance that can be picked up by a t-coil.

It depends on the cell phone…I had better success hearing off my Blackberry Curve phone, as it had a M/T rating of 4. Here is some info regarding M/T ratings:

Also this site will give you the ratings of each phone that you might be interested in:

Just search for each phone and you will see the M/T rating if it’s available. After finding a phone that you might like, I suggest going to a dealer to try out each phone…

The bad news is if you’re used to hearing your voice off a phone, the T-Coil mode will not give you any way of hearing it from the cell phone unless you have a MT mode to switch from Main to main-tcoil. This is why I now use a Smartlink SX FM transmitter/receivers to connect, I can hear myself talk as well has hear the other person with my “bluetooth” hearing aids(FM receivers on aids) It’s way cool!!


I use my t-coil in my cellphone, and have used it on previous cell phones. Your audi is wrong.

I guess the audi’s are all wrong. T-coil’s are for phones emitting magnetic resonance and cell phones don’t. If you’re able to use the t-coil’s with your cell phone you are one of a few.

I use my Tcoil with my cell and it works very well. Although I have to switch my HA to telecoil manually.

I tried the automatic switch (with a magnet on my cell phone) but it is not reliable

Are you sure you’re in t-coil mode, and not t-coil and mic, in which case you’re hearing the cell phone through the mic. :confused:

“Are you sure you’re in t-coil mode, and not t-coil and mic, in which case you’re hearing the cell phone through the mic”

I am very sure. The differnce between the T-Coil and the mic is huge.

In fact that is why I gave up on the automatic telcoil. With the magnet, it worked well enough to start, but if I moved the phone too much, I would lose the telcoil.

The cell phone is an LG CU515 with M3/T3 rating.

Links of note…[]=AT%26T+Tilt&compare[]=RIM+Blackberry+Curve&compare[]=Motorola+RAZR+V3xx&submit=Compare+selected+products

I used to have a Blackberry Curve and Motorola Razr, the Tcoil worked very good (very little if no interference)on these phones. The last link shows this phone with a M3/T3 rating…so I think if you can find a phone with a T4/M4 rating, you may have a good phone…

I’m looking into phones now and checking the ratings. I am thinking that I will choose an M4/T4. I went to a store (Cricket) and the two youngish staff there didn’t know what I was talking about and steadfastly denied they had any phone like that, so I think that one has to do the research ones self (and ask people here what they have chosen) rather than hoping that the store vendor will be able to make suggestions.

Since Cricket isn’t considered a major company like Sprint, ATT or Verizon, I guess they are pretty much within the guidelines so far. I think they do need to have at least one phone in there that has to be M4/T4 though. I suggest looking at (go to bottom, enable “show all options”, then check “hearing aid compatible” options) and checking out all phones that are M4/T4 capable and then go to the Cricket or equivalent phone store and check it out. I’m not sure what service (GSM or CDMA) Cricket runs on, but that will change what phones you are looking for.

Here’s my results of Cricket’s M4/T4 stuff