Best captioning service for business meetings on zoom

I have a zoom pro account for my business but find the captions are not good enough. Given the broader experience many of us now have with remote settings, I hope to get current feedback on the best caption services for zoom–everything from specific CART providers to apps that will interface.

I have just emerged exhausted and with, at best, patchy knowledge from a critical business meeting hampered by background noise and distorted audio. I know you understand and I’m grateful for your suggestions and support. Many thanks in advance!

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I tried today Speaksee with Teams, and this worked well.
Speaksee works with all platforms, so give it a try.

IMHO at least half the board room ‘communication’ would not be captured in perfect transcription. So looking at captions means you miss even more. A tough challenge. You cannot interpret body language looking to captions. Perhaps there is a way to hear better. Hearing allows you to also see.

Hi evert,
Thank you for the feedback. I am an early purchaser of the Speak See microphone set, once it is available. It’s good to know their application now works on the web. I will try it. I really appreciate the suggestion! Barb

Hi VinceJ, I agree with you completely. Unfortunately, for me, implementing your suggestion to “hear better” isn’t something I’ve been able to figure out yet. I’m partially deaf and using good hearing aids with frequency-shifting algorithms–I think I’m as optimized as I can get. Since I run a biotech startup and most of the meeting is speech without images while we screen share data, it’s a little different than the traditional board meeting on zoom. Maybe that’s a bit of an advantage–I already know I can’t function well in traditional larger business meetings around big tables. Your suggestion got me thinking, if it’s hard for me to hear better, can my colleagues “speak better.” And I realized one needs headphones with an attached microphone, which I can buy for him. The other two need to minimize background noise, in which I am functionally unable to hear much. So I appreciate your suggestions and that you took time to reply. Barb

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Is Speak See live (human) or machine captioning? Is Zoom machine or people?

From my past experiences the human ones were the best. I depends on what kind of connection everyone has too and tolerance for delays.

(I have not used the Zoom one yet but have signed up)

Have YOU tried headphones with a boom mike? I find that getting the air gap (PC speakers) out of the configuration can make an enormous difference. Pure two channel or blend it down to mono. I use the Paradise streamed from a Zoom session and it is 10x better than most alternatives. But old on-ear headphones can be superb.

Hi Grantb5, The Speak See microphones for in person meetings work with machine captioning. I don’t know about the web setup, but would assume it’s the same.

I’ve heard other praise zoom captions–that is good news for you since you’ve signed up.

VinceJ, I think this is an incredibly helpful suggestion. I have used headphones in various settings. For some phone calls and all zoom meetings I use the Roger Pen, which is a huge leap forward in clarity. Thanks for reminding me to be more mindful of how headphones can help.

Hi Barb, I use one of my Phonak TV connectors plugged into my iMac running Windows 10 for Video calls, works perfectly with my Naida Paradise aids, no need for any headset or mic as my aids have these… Good Luck in your quest… Cheers Kev :wink:

I’ve used several apps this year. On my iPad, I prefer On my MacBook, I use Ava. Don’t ask me why, but the app works better on the iPad but the Ava works better on the computer. With some messing around, I can stream sound through my bluetooth and Hearing aids and use Ava at the same time

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Hi Kev, thank you again for posting your poems and for how you set up connections. Mine are hardwired through Roger, which is then the direct streaming part. It’s probably been one of the most helpful speech-directed things I’ve done. Barb

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Hi MisTrae,
You are the second person in two days to recommend otter. I was speaking with a CART service provider. They do captioning work–but I didn’t realize it was for large businesses, usually starting at $10,000 USD/year. After he and I realized I was not a prospect for their captioning, he wanted still to be helpful . was his recommendation. I haven’t tried Ava in years, I’m sure they have improved since their prototype days. Thank you for the guidance!

Ava just made an update and you can now stream to hearing aids/headphones and have Ava caption at the same time. Before, you either had to download a second program or use the computer speakers so that Ava can “hear” what’s being said. Ava’s unlimited free (just in 50 minute chunks) and has 600 minutes a month free. I use the, both in different situations.

Hi MisTrae, I took you advice and watched some of Ava’s material on the web. It really has come a long way since I first tried it. Barb

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Dear All,
I really appreciate the guidance and input on what you find useful. I’ve now got a clear path mapped out for better solutions. Thank you for all the help!

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