Best buy for different guy

My hearing loss is complete in one ear and moderately severe in the other for the last 50 years. While I haven’t owned a H/A for the last 10 years, I haven’t found them very benificial due to the type of work I do and the lifestyle I lead. (Heavy Industry and Very Active) Feed back and inability to talk on the phone in noisy envioronments were the biggest discouragements.

However, I now notice a decline in speech recognition. Especially across a room. :mad:

What I would like to know is what to ask the audi. I will be looking for an aid that will give me back the range of frequency for human speech, but not all the higher frequencies of bird chirps and industrial traffic. I work in a dirty noisy places, so perspire and get dirty daily.

Is there an aid that doesn’t need removal in the shower? :confused:

I don’t see many complaints regarding telephone usage. Have H/A advances solved that problem?

Can I have some suggestions on what to ask an audiologist?

i would try Siemens, Oticon, Widex or Phonak or even GN
your dispenser should be able to get a good solution for you.