Best battery life for the money


I am a fairly new hearing aid user. I got mine in August of 2017. Since then I bought sample packs of battery brands and tracked how long they lasted. Three Rayovacs, Proline, Xcell and Extra Advanced all lasted the longest at 6 days. Power One and a few others lasted 5 days. I subsequently learned the Rayovacs are the same battery sold under different marketing plans and widely different prices. The manufacturers strive for 90 hours of battery life in digital, signal processing devices. In my case, that ties to six 15 hour days. Without knowing how many hours a day a user has the aids on, the volume level needed for satisfactory results and the kind of processing the aids provide (ie. Bluetooth) the number of days people quote for their battery life is meaningless. I recommend the purchase of whichever of the above Rayovac brands is cheaper. I currently have a 60 pack of Extra Advanced size 312 I got for
$ 21.00 with free shipping. i change both batteries each time so these will last me fior 30 changes - about half a year. Not bad for 21 bucks.


The forum website offers 60 Rayovacs for $18.99. If you’re a Costco member and really want to pinch pennies they sell 48 for $8.49.


Batteries - a little OT but I use my ReSound Linx 3D with bluetooth a high percentage of the time. I use my hearing aids around 16 hrs a day so I go through batteries. But compared to a “burger and fries” or a “simple restaurant meal” which is more beneficial to me. We spend $10 - 20 or more on a basic meal but perhaps think twice about $15-20 for weeks or months battery supply. My HA and now with bluetooth are an important part of my life AND A GOOD INVESTMENT. I do feel the cost of hearing aids is excessive and the manufacturers could do better by the users. It would seem too much margin is built in between the MFG and the USER.


Powerone and Duracell works well for mine! (the Rayovac Mercury free ones caused issues with my last pair)


Amazon Basics, look for open box, 60 for $11.89. The outside cardboard box had been opened but the battery blister packs were new and untouched.


I believe the LAUNCH coupon code still works for $2 off. So rayovacs can be bought for 16.99 with free shipping and no tax. We’re adding duracell soon too.