Best Battery Case ever: durable, waterproof, multiple batteries fit

I went looking today for a replacement Rayovac battery case for my keyring, backpack, and purse. I came across these, which I believe are much less expensive, much more durable, and waterproof to boot! And since there are many of them, I can keep batteries in my pocket, purse, backpack, in the bathroom, near my recliner, everywhere. You get 10 aluminum cases for about eight bucks. No, I’m not the seller. Here is the link:

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I just keep my batteries in the pack they came in, what’s the point in not?!


You may have no need of anything other than the pack your batteries come in, but some of us have reasons to want something else. The pack mine come in has a little round dial with a plastic back that lifts to access each battery. The edges of the plastic are sharp when in a pocket (when I have a pocket: women’s clothes often don’t) and the little access port can pop open in a purse. The little aluminum containers I posted are inexpensive, fit comfortably in a pocket or purse; are easy to see in a purse, backpack, suitcase; can be put on a keyring; and are watertight. They can also be used to carry medications, a list of prescriptions, etc.

Good idea.

I have no aids yet, but have been wondering about a new use for my 3D printer to construct things for my aids. Was thinking about a carry/storage case, but was also pondering some sort of mobile dispenser to carry a couple if spare batteries with me. Just wasn’t sure if there’s any short-circuit type issues storing them next to each other.

I really like the look of those metal capsules, but for me, I buy the Duracell batteries with the LONG tab pulls. They are just way easier to remove when I’m firing up a fresh battery. I think these long pull tabs would get all bunched up and end up peeling off the batteries right in the capsule. That would degrade their overall life. So. Feh! I store my batteries in the slim, hard plastic case they come in.

I would think that a metal case could lead to batteries shorting out, especially if they’re not carefully packed or aligned.