Best Audiologist in US?

Hello everyone, some of you know that I’ve been planning to visit US for a year but the pandemic delayed the plans. I am in the US for work right now and I want to get REM (Real Ear Measurement) test from here since it’s not available in my country. After the REM test, I want to try both Oticon and Phonak Naida M SP hearing aids and buy the one which performs well. I am at loss and don’t know which audiologist to visit. Can anyone give suggestions about the best and most reliable audiologist? I would super appreciate the help.

If all else fails, Costco has the Brio 4.
Good luck.
@TraderGary is from Atlanta I believe. He is very happy with his fitter and Phonak aids.

I am guessing you do not have health insurance coverage to help pay the costs. Your best bet will be going to CostCo, get the basic $60 membership. They will have the lowest out of pocket prices. They do REM testing. I don’t know if they offer the specific hearing aids you want to try, though.

You will pay at least twice as much for a pair of hearing aids from elsewhere.

I have a profound hearing loss so I believe the Brio4 will not be for me. I need either Phonak Naida M SP or older Phonak Naida B UP model.

How are the audiologists in Costco? It’s good that I can get cheap hearing aids but if the audiologist is not experienced that means bad fitting.

The Costco Brio 4 is the Marvel Naida SP aid or very close.
Check it out. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t know your loss.

Woah, you’re right. Just checked the pdf and it’s basically Phonak Marvel Naida SP:

Any idea why it’s given a different name? Why don’t they sell at the same name as Phonak products?


I live in Atlanta and I have a GREAT audiologist (not Costco). She does REM. It’s the usual bundled package, or at least when I bought HAs, although that may have changed? But regardless, it will definitely cost a lot more than Costco. PM me if you want more info.

I have always wondered if it’s possible to get REM test and buy hearing aids from Costco and then later get the configurations fine-tuned by an audiologist?

Which hearing aids do you wear and do you have an idea how much would the total bundle cost with this audiologist that includes REM test and a pair of Phonak Naida Marvel SP hearing aids?

I have PMed you, please check. Thanks!

My take: Because Phonak doesn’t want to tell audiologists that they sell the same products to Costco for much less than they sell to the audiologists. They modify them so they are not “the same” so they can tell the audiologists who are paying premium prices that they’re a different model.


I have the same feeling but there hasn’t been a single case here where a person has tried both and then compared. There is one person who has tried Brio 4 hearing aid and I replied to him asking his experience but he hasn’t replied back yet.

The Brio 4 SP compared to the Phonak Naida M SP is like comparing the KS9 to the Phonak Audeo M90.
Target software programs all of them. If your fitter where you live programs Phonak he/she will be able to program the Brio 4.

All Costco hearing centers use REM fittings and most do a very good job, great service/warranty.

If finances are not an issue, the Phonak Naida M SP aids are really nice aids. Can easily be set up with Roger devices.


I like mine and I wear Phonaks. She is in Roswell, GA which is just north of Atlanta. PM me for more info.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m under the impression that Costco sells locked devices that you cannot bring to another audiologist. Is that not the case? I’d think if you want a device that you can have programmed by someone outside of Costco you might be better off elsewhere. I know my audiologist cannot make programming adjustments to a Costco hearing aid. That might not be the case everywhere but that’s true where I am.

Not the case. Costco s ks9, phonak and rexton aids are unlocked. Their resound and phillips aids are locked

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Got it. Thanks for sharing. My audiologist must’ve been referring to the ReSounds since that’s what I’m trialing. I think being aware that some of their devices are locked is important especially if one may need to take them elsewhere for service.