Best Aid for Moisture Issues


My husband works in construction, therefore his hearing aids repeatedly have to be repaired. We bought his latest pair 2 years ago, wide x. The audiologist is now recommending Phonak Bolero to the tune of $4470- $5870! With no guarantee the issue will not return, although the claim to be moisture resistant. He’s 70 years old, we can’t keep investing in a new pair every 2-3 years. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jody


Get Hearing Aid Sweat Bands or Ear Gear. They go over the aids to protect in harsher environments.

Here’s an inexpensive version on Amazon:

The more expensive ones have higher tech fabrics. The above is cotton and washable.


Do they interface with hearing?
Thanks for they tip!


You need to purchase a hearing aid dryer that removes moisture from the aids. There are products like Dry & Store, Phonak D-Dry. You can find these on eBay or your audiologist might have one for sale or can order one for you.


My first pair of Phonak Audeo RIC only lasted for 3 yrs due to moisture issues. Even though I put them in the D Dry every night. I’m not sure what the IP was on that pair of aids. I now have Phonak Bolero BTE also, yes they are very expensive. I have purchased Eargear to help preserve the longevity of these new aids. As I’ve only had then for 5 months I can’t comment if it will be successful or not. But I’m hoping with the Eargear, the high IP and the D Dry I will get more than the 3 years.


Also, near the end of the 3 years get you audiologist to send them in to get them replace by reporting they are cutting out or such.


The newer ones definitely have better water resistance. Look for the ratings similar to phones. Also, rechargeable, sealed battery compartments would help. You can get a combo charger and dryer. If you have really bad hearing or stream much, get the 13 battery. I tried rechargeable with 312 batteries and they would not make it through the day. With the newer rechargeable, the batteries are not zinc-air and last longer.


Go over to Costco and get HA starting @ $1600.00.


I told my husband about these and he said he already has a pair, just never tried them. Said Audiologist told him it could retain moisture. I told him to put them on!


He has the cleaning machine with bricks he uses every night.


I’m going to let him read all these responses, and I’ll make sure he tries 13 battery. Thanks much.


The ones he has are still under warranty. And they’re talking new ones.


Is it electric? I’ve found the electric dry boxes like the Dry & Store to be a lot better at removing moisture.


Definitely need to check out Costco. Thanks


I have a Phonak HA dryer with UV lamp. There are two switches, one for 3hrs and the other is 6 hours for aids have lots of moisture.


Hi Jody,
I have the same issue. I use a dryer every night. I run and the HA’s and the running moisture from sweating is a problem. I now try to remember to remove them during my runs. But the greater issue of returns is more interesting. I wear Starkeys. Starkey seems to have a set price to the audiologists for return. Perhaps on the order of $140 or so. No matter the issue they will repair for this price. However, that price gets jacked up by the audiologist. So find someone to work with you around pricing for return/repair or use a cheaper on-line service for the return/repair. - Allen


I have worn mine in the shower accidentally a few times and in the rain and it hasn’t been a problem. I thought all of the current aids were about the same when it comes to moisture.


Wearing the covers will help. Not only with sweat but small particulate around construction sites that can get inside. When aids go in because of environment it is just the sweat. They can also have a waxy buildup that get in from body oils. You aids should have come with a brush and cloth. Use them to wipe the aids and brush across the microphone inlets which are another area that can contribute to problems.

When I go into Costco, the clerk or fitter will give them a cleaning than includes good brushing the mic area. Phonak even has protectors over their mic area.


Phonak now allow a 4 year warranty option on new HA’s which I purchased when I bought these new aids. I figured for $140.00 AU it was well worth the extra for the 4th year of warranty. It’s optional and needs to be purchased but if you know you have a moisture problem it’s well worth it in my opinion.


Rice is great as a moisture absorbent.