Bernafon Zerena: Should I re-run feedback test each time I adjust gain?

I got meet up with HA audiologist for amplification adjustments and its was good result. Sound is good enough. I actually don’t need to do anything but I wonder.

Should I revaluate feedback canceller parameter? because I forget to tell him to check on evaluate on feedback canceller option.

I use Bernafon Zerena9, there a option in feedback canceller management, you let program run evaluate for feedback parameter so your HA can safely increase gains without something “weird” out.

Its sound ok and I am adapting to new amplification. I just forget to check on feedback evaluate. Should I go check up with HA audiologist? he said I can meet with him if I wish.

Would feedback change anything if I re-run check it up? for better or worst.

I don’t with my Phonak’s, only if I get new ear moulds.

I can’t speak for Bernafon, but in general one runs the feedback program for whatever earpieces (molds or domes) your using. The feedback program sets an upper limit of how much gain can be applied at a certain frequency without risking feedback. So no, it wouldn’t generally be required to run after making gain adjustments.