Bernafon Zerena 9

Does anyone have info on these new Bernafon Zerena 9 aids from Bernafon (subsidiary of Oticon but with their own tech)?

They are Made for iPhone. I can’t find any technical specs on them, but they surely look interesting. Bernafon has a history of releasing products that are based on Oticon but with their own philosophy and design.

This is all I could find on their website:

And with a bit more digging:

yeah looks excactly like the OPN also the acc. have the same shape. not sure if there is a significant change in software and processing.

best way to find out is to test them both.

The DECS does sound different in approach. OPN touts brain control of sounds and this avoids that and concentrates on filtering capability. My guess would be a more traditional approach that takes advantage of hardware upgrades. Bernafon is sold in Canada but not in the states except by Costco. It is sold throughout the EU.

No information. They do like similar in many ways. Looks like they share the same approach for frequency lowering. Really hard to compare a lot of features as they are described by what one forum member called “magical” language.