Bernafon xtreme 120

Hello, I’m new to this site and posting anything, anywhere. I have severe to profound hearing loss and need to replace my old Phonak aid. I’m looking into the Bernafon Xtreme 120. I’m not familiar with this aid and wonder if anyone out there has experience with it.


it is an identical to the sumo dm
but it only has 5 channels and it is a NAL nl1

I would say both the Sumo DM and the Extreme are old instruments…
Oticon should introduce a new super power (it is about time)

while I had fitted a lot of sumos, I would say phonaks should be
better choice - the phonaks should be better as they have more features.

My guess, is that Oticon do have a super power in the pipeline
BUT they have not yet decided if they will jump in the freq. trans bandwagon

i dont see it comming til AAA 2009 if that occurs

Please let me know how the Naida V works out for you.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I really need to find the best aid I can get for the money.

Maybe this will help