Bernafon: Vowels echo and tones warble

I am trying out Bernafon Juna 9’s from Costco. I think I’ll keep them–they don’t clip when I play French horn in orchestra. All others I’ve tried clip badly. I’m an engineer and musician–a terrible combination for fussiness.
I love the Live Music program. However, the speech programs have a problem with vowels. They are sharp and override consonants, particularly with women’s voices that have an edge. Vowels sound like they echo.
I have noticed that pure tones above 1000 Hz warble on the voice programs. The warble is a beat around 10-20 Hz, probably caused by the feedback suppression. That’s a short enough period to affect vowels.
Any thoughts?


I know that warbling from the siemens I tried - it´s the feedback suppression. Try to turn it off and look if you do have problems with feedback.

By the way - who speaks above 1000 Hz?

I am also intrested in the bernafo juna, also because of music (I play piano, own a grand piano, conduct a choir), what do they sound like?

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There’s huge amounts of phonetic information 2-4KHz.

It just sounds like you need a bit less gain until you get used to the output of the aid. Maybe cutting the MPO at the particular resonance of the echo.

Cutting the MPO wouldn’t do it because I’m not speaking about loud sounds. I guess the warbling is actually amplitude modulation as the feedback suppression keeps figuring out whether it’s actually feedback or not. Of course with AM you get sidebands. That is, as it keeps changing the volume of a 1000 Hz tone 10 times per second, you also get tones at 990 and 1010 Hz. Now if there was only a way of telling the FB suppression to only look at frequencies around 3000 Hz.
One could reduce the gain at 3000 Hz and turn off FB suppression, but you would lose sibilants.