Bernafon Viron 9 vs Philips HearLink 9010

Hi all,

I’ve recently found out I need hearing aids and my audiologist has allowed me to trial a pair of Bernafon Viron 9s, which have been great. The problem is that the pair will cost just shy of $9k (AUD).
I have a Costco membership and noticed they’re selling the Philips HearLink range, specifically the 9010, and I understand Philips and Bernafon are owned by the same company. The 2 models look really similar, have the same charging dock etc, but for a pair of Philips, it’s going to be $5k cheaper.
I’m wondering if anyone has tried both models or has any starting point that I can use to try and figure out what the main difference between the two models (besides cost) would be?
It’s really annoying that Costco doesn’t allow you a proper trial like the private audiologist does, this would obviously be super helpful in making a decision.

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance anyone can provide!

I have seen them at Costco and the Phillips HearLink model sells for $3400 CDN including the charger. I believe Costco used to carry Bernafon and stopped when they brought in the Phillips model a few months ago. About all you can do is try and find the technical specifications for each and compare them. Costco is pretty good about supplying specs for the Kirkland Signature model, but not so much with the ones with the brand name still on them, but made for Costco. If you do a search here, you will find some reviews on them, which generally have been good.

Here you can get a walk around the store, but that is about it for a trial. But, their return policy is excellent. Perhaps get a Costco credit card, buy them on credit, and just return them if you don’t like them before the credit account needs to be paid? A free trial Costco style…

If you have dismissed the KS9 you may also want to consider the Rexton Adore Li. It is much like the KS8, but rechargeable.

Edit: You may want to to check this thread on the HearLink if you have not already. Lots of discussion on how the HearLink compares to the Bernafon and Oticon S.

I would argue that’s not true because as Sierra says you can put Costco aids on a credit card and try the aids for as long as 6 months (U.S.) or 3 months (Canada). If you return the aids in a week or two, the interest cost would be minimal or even non-existant. When I did it, I paid the balance off so never paid interest on it, and when I returned a set of aids I just ended up with a large credit balance on the card.

In a 6-month trial you even have the opportunity for a lot of free adjustment visits to the Costco. I think the Philips have some kind of intermediary Bluetooth device and if that’s not included with the aids, you’d also have to buy it and return or not in a given timeframe that might be shorter than for the aids themselves.

The new kirkland signature from costco is also a good aid and well priced too. If you reside in Australia also have a look at Specsavers prices online which have a similar pricing structure to Costco in their Advance range. I wouldn’t expect you to notice much if any difference in sound quality between the Bernafon you’ve been quoted 9K for and the offerings from Costco or Specsavers, but the price will be much lower.

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I was fitted with the Phillips 9010 a few weeks ago over the KS9. She said the Philips has a much better ability to fit my hearing loss. I have one ear at 40% and one at 80%. She said the Philips had a very good program to bio laterally get both ears equal. So far I love the aids

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