Bernafon Verite Feedback Problems

I have the Bernafon Verite aids which overall have been working pretty well for me but I have a problem with feedback. If I change the program in a noisy setting, especially like church where you might decide to change from program one to program two while the choir is singing or the congregation is singing, I sometimes get feedback that won’t stop. What makes matters worse is that I can’t turn the aids off without taking out the battery. I am using the tulip domes and my audiogram follows. Do I need a more occluding mold? Are these hearing aids powerful enough for my loss?

I get random feedback from my Verite, brought about by all kinds of things like turning my head - just a squeak sometimes, other times a continuous squeal until I stuff the dome deeper in my ear or fiddle with it.

Had tulip dome, am trying 8mm power dome, seems much improved. Can’t tell any difference about occlusion. Not expert enough to say whether you have appropriate instruments, just responding about the feedback and domes.


Hi Shirley-

I was having the same problem with my Verites. My right ear experienced tremendous feedback, my left ear had none. I changed from the tulip to the power dome and rarely have any feedback problems now. I still have the tulip in my left ear.

I do feel a little occlusion with the power dome but would much rather have that then the feedback. Good luck with them!

Thank you for your feedback :smiley: pardon the pun. Another question I have is when you change the tips to power domes, how does that change the sound quality? Do you have to make some adjustments to the hearing aids?

Thank you.

I also have the Verite’s, but so far have not had any feedback problems to speak of. I use a tulip dome in my right ear, and a small open dome in the left ear.

verites can be a bit “feedbacky” (especially when changing programs, using the streamer, or changing from a loud to soft environment suddenly)… I prefer custom moulds rather than tulip domes - both for the reduced feedback and comfort (tulip domes itch my ears like crazy)
I still really like them though and can hear really clearly - looking forward to bernafon becoming slightly more refined though

I have had minimal issues with feedback, I am also using the Tulip domes, with a 2-3mm hole (self-cut) modification to minimize occlusion.

Itchy ear goes away in a couple of days after a dome change,I use Miracell and it seems to help a lot.

Biggest problem I have with my Verite’s is after a Bluetooth phone call - it doesn’t return to the previous setting but goes to a higher volume setting (presumably the one used for the call without reducing the HA’s mics?) and then I get feedback like crazy.

I use custom molds (which have never been completely right) but they are better generally than any of the domes, which leak way too much for me, causing enormous feedback all the time.

Please tell me about custom molds. The random feedback from the tulip dome, that the 8mm power dome seemed to ameliorate, is back and I’m almost ready to jump out of my skin.

Is the custom mold like a regular ear mold, as was common on a BTE instrument for many years? Does it have a vent? Does it cut down on random feedback?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi BoCat,

I hope someone with some knowledge answers you soon. I tried the 8mm domes and they did help but I was singing in the church congregation and the Verites suddenly just went crazy again with feedback. I haven’t tried the 10mm domes because I know the aids would need some adjustments to sound right to me. I’m interested in custom molds myself and have gotten some advice that they may be the best solution for my hearing loss.

When I looked at your loss, you have “normal” hearing in the very low tones. Even though at 1000 you have a loss, the rest are normal. It is kind of tricky to decide if open or closed works best for you. In the case of feedback, closed is better. A custom tip may be a more permanent solution, however, some really like the instant tips.

Sound quailty would change because the hearing aid plugging up your ear takes the normal low tone hearing away. You have to re-amplify what we just took away, therfore, changing the sound quality. Some experience occlusion from this, and some dont. Sometimes the lows have to be turned down to compensate and sometimes up. It also depends on how the dome fits in your ear. Occlusion can also be reduced by pushing on the bony portion of the ear canal.