Bernafon Verite 9 - Just Released at Costco!

I’m trying out the new Verite 9, just released today from Costco.

Does anyone know much about this newly released Bernafon HA?

They sell for $1300 each

Here’s a few links I found on the Bernafon web site…

Must be too new for any comments…

Didn’t anyone hear any pre-release info?

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Are you saying the 9’s are new? If you do a search on Verite, you’ll find lots of posts.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying…

The Costco people informed me the new Verite 9 has been available for less then a week.

From what I understand, the original Verite has been available through Costco for a slightly more then a year.

There’s a 5,7 + 9 version. It did replace an older product, I wonder if your costco was selling run-out stock of the previous model.

I got my Verites from Costco about 3 weeks ago. I’m sure going to find out tomorrow what Model I have. If it’s not the “9” I’m going to have them change it out.

I’m still very happy with what I have - it’s just that I definitely want the latest model.



Please post about what she says. I’m interested for obvious reasons (just got mine a couple weeks after you) but curious if the “later model” is any better than, or much different from, the ones we have.


Bill, I am also anxious to hear if you have the 9’s since I just got my Bernafon Verites 3 weeks ago, too.


How do your Verites do in a noisy situation? I’d also like to hear about the 9s.

The original post is right. Verite 9 is a new release from Bernafon.
I can’t say it’s better although I suspect some improvements. Good news for those who prefer RIC BTE stuff.

I am unhappy that the fitter at Costco didn’t tell me that the Verite 9 was coming out in 3 weeks when I bought mine.

And according to this link which Joe Duffer provided, there are some improvements with the 9’s. My problem is that I don’t really know how significant these features are. Will appreciate someone who really understands this stuff to take a look and advise.

Here’s the changes that I find (from the Bernafon link):

  • Under Binaural Coordination: Non-telephone ear attenuation
  • Under Directionality: Adaptive high frequency<O:p</O:p
  • Under Noise Management/Listening Comfort: has 4 control states instead of 3<O:p</O:p
  • Under Personalization: has 11 Program Options (instead of 8 or 10) and Smart VC
I'm trying to decide if it's reasonable to push to "exchange" my now-4-week-old Verite 7's for the new 9's. What do you think???

Thanks - Bill

You get a 90 day trial period at Costco; if you’re 30 days in, return them for the new model.

The Verite 5, 7 and 9 all came out at the same time. My guess is that you have last years model, the 505. I’ve had a hard time trying to identify the differences between the the Verite 9 and the 505. One difference is that, apparently, Bernafon changed the DSP. (Maybe they now have their own design rather than using a OEM part?) The maximum on the frequency is now 10 KHz rather than 8 KHz.

I doubt bernafon is using their own desing. They are probably using a Rise chip from epoq

Just read the model number on the side VE 905 is the 9. They have been out for a while now.

I noticed I have the 505, too. Is that the same as the Verite 5? I looked at the Bernafon website and according to the chart, it looks like the 9 has more features for high frequency hearing loss. The chart is confusing, though. It makes it look the Soundgate is not compatible with the Verite 5, which of course it is and that there is only 3 programs slots- where mine has 4.

My Costco specialist said they are always coming out with new models, just like computers and there isn’t that big of a difference on the 9’s. I have only had them a month so I wonder if I should at least get the new model, too, since I have not hit the 90 day return policy yet?

I could be wrong about the model number, my eyes are not that good. I have an appt tomorrow. I will ask.

505 is the model number of the Verite this is the pre-runner of 3 new RIC everyone is talking about.

Thought you might be interested to hear that the Verite will (probably) be available from next year in the Veras Nano / Agil RIC case…

I will be fitting lots of this design.

that’s good news um bongo - I like the smaller design of the agil!!!
As for the verite… they’ve just added a 5 and 7 (the same as veras) so in order to distinguish the original verite they just had to change the name - nothing different inside as far as I can tell