Bernafon for dancers / sports enthusiasts?



Hi everyone! I want to change my hearing aids and I’m told Bernafon Zerena are good for musicians and active people. As a ballet dancer, I’m a bit of both!

Any other dancers or athletes have experience with Bernafon Zerena? Are they really that good? Thank you!!!


Haven’t used them personally.

For sports, the fit is important so they don’t come loose. This will be more about the dome/mould sizing and wire/tube lengths plus retaining devices if necessary.

Can’t comment on the audio reproduction. Posting your audiogram will help people assess your options better perhaps.

If you sweat during exercise, you might want to consider how waterproof they are.

They look similar to the Oticons in terms of size so should be fine from a size point of view for sports.


I’ve had mine for a little over a month. Previously had Phonak Audeo Q90’s. Tech at Costco set them up with 4 programs - Auto, Auditorium (telecoil), Live Music, and Music at Home/TV. In the past, when playing acoustic guitar, I had to remove the Phonaks - no matter what the Audi did, I heard an extreme amount of buzzes, harmonics, squeaks, etc. while playing. Caused me to take the guitar in several times, to make sure it wasn’t it that was making all the unwanted noise. The Zerena Live Music makes everything MUCH cleaner and full range - so that is a huge improvement. I’m not quite as sold on “Live Music” or the “Music at Home” settings for music in a larger venue than my living room, but haven’t had a lot of opportunity to test. The Auditorium setting is really just for telecoil use, as it turns off the HA microphones - so no go for improving external sounds. This setting is great for streaming from the phone, and the others are terrible. It does get an electronic hum once in a while, which the tech said is due to not using a telecoil. I have a return appointment to see if there is an option like it purposely optimized for streaming.
Overall, for my music needs, I’ll keep them - the Live Music for playing guitar is the big winner. The “Music at Home” is better than the old Phonaks for TV/Stereo use. Streaming is not as good as the Phonaks with ComPilot, but I can live with it. About the same for day-to-day general use, slightly better in noisy restaurants, etc.
My Phonaks started going out every time I went for long bike rides, due to sweat. It was getting to be a pain to have them be “repaired” every 6 mos. or so. So far, no issues with the Zerrena’s. They are a touch bigger, but can’t say they are any less secure in active situations.