Bernafon Brite problems

Hi, I’m new, so please excuse any ignorance on my part.
I recently purchased a pair of Bernafon Brite hearing aids from Costco. They are having difficulty delivering them, because of a defect. The problem is a noise in one of them. It is an intermittent hissing noise in the left one. They tried a new receiver (ear piece) and it still had the noise, so they are going to send it back. I want to know if there are know problems with Bernafon hearing aids similar to this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Since there doesn’t seem to be any reply… I shall give you the story.
I bought a set of bernafon brite HAs at costco. The left HA had a scratchy noise. It came and went to some degree, but it was very annoying and I would not take delivery of these until they replaced the left HA… So I went away and waited for a new HA to replace the defective aid. In two days they called and said the “new” HA had come in. I went and tried them again. This time I couldn’t hear the scratchy noise, so I took delivery.
I was about 10 minutes out of the store when the scratchy noise returned, however, I was on the road and because of traffic I could return easily, so I went home. I called them immediately and left a message (they had gone home for the day… it was after 4pm!!). This was on a Thursday. The audiologist that has sold me the HAs was not in on the Friday, so another audiologist called me back and assured me that the defective HA had been replaced but they would get a bernafon person in on Monday to check it out… So over the weekend I tried a few things… First off… the defective HA was not ear specific. If I held it up to the other ear, I could hear the noise there as well. It also killed a battery in two days, so I was pretty sure it was defective… Not only that… I really suspected that they had tried to pawn off the original defective HA as a new (replaced) HA, so I was pretty steamed about it.
Anyway… on Monday (at noon) I showed up with both HAs in the original box and was convinced that I would return them and call the audiologist association about this situation, but I was willing to hear them out (no pun intended). The bernafon person was there and she listened to the HA and heard the sound immediately (btw… the original audiologist as much as told me I was crazy, because they couldn’t hear any noise)… So the bernafon person took out her test HA and replaced the defective aid with her test on… and sold it to me as “NEW”… i.e. they should have loaned me the test aid and ordered a new replacement… IMHO…
Gawd… I hate sales people… I’m still debating on whether to report this whole thing to the audiologist college… They have professional standards to uphold, and I don’t believe this was handled professionally… IMHO.
I told the bernafon rep, that I suspected the replaced HA was in fact the original… I said to her, what are the chances of 2 “new” HAs in a row having the same identical problem!!! She just said… “well it can happen”!!!
I have a follow up in the new year, so I will see what happens over the holidays.
Bernafon may have a quality problem with their brite HAs… so be aware.

I had a similar experience with costco , their strategy is just sale first, give as less as possible appontment in trial period, and then show us 90 days period is over. enjoy pain of HA for next 3-4 years!!!

that is bad for business… lets hope this is not the rule