Benefon v. Oticon

Also, based on previous experience, Oticon does not tend to release new products that don’t have a noticeable improvement in sound quality. That could be changing, based on the fact their update schedule has accelerated. It used to be a new flagship product every 4 years, but there was only 2 years between Alta and Alta2. If there is a new flagship this February then that would only be a 1 year gap. So if it happens, lets cross our fingers that its not incremental. I hate incremental updates.

I’m new to hearing aids but I work with technology all the time and it would be odd indeed for a company to introduce a new product based on current technology only to outdate the item in a matter of months. Oticon is making the introduction of their new power platform a very big deal, countdown clock and all, based on the Inium Sense chip. Could it be that the Dynamo, et. al. might have some hardware and software (sense 3?) upgrades that will be incorporated into the Alta/Nera/Ria?

I have speculated that they might be bringing their frequency lowering tech into the mainstream product line. That is really the only big thing I can think of off hand. Under the hood improvements are always nice, but not very flashy.

They always do the countdown clock thing. They even did that with Ria a couple years ago.

OK. Thanks