Beltone Touch

I’ve yet to read a single review on this board, or on the internet even, regarding this product.

Are Beltone really that bad? Is it just a product that people aren’t wearing anymore?

I’m 25 and desperately in need of reliable hearing aids to continue my way of life: mainly college, love, social functions and any artisitc endeavor I intend to pursue. This is all out of pocket, on top of the current financial stresses from being in college.

All that being said, I’m not going to go somewhere that is purely profit minded. If Beltone is that kind of place, someone steer me clear.

Back to the model… I really enjoy the idea of the Touch model yet I have found not a single thing on it other than the company PR releases that say what every hearing aid manufacturer say: how great their product is.

Anybody have any feedback, other than the whistling kind?

It would be helpful to list / show your audiogram and any experience with hearing aids?

I haven’t any of that yet. I’m going to Beltone tomorrow for the free hearing test.

In the past, I used Starkey through an Eye/Ear/Nose specialist with an in-house audiologist. They were CIC models that are now finally off warranty after 5 years and 2 years of renewing. Essentially, I’m still using the same results from my hearing test 6-7 years ago and it’s starting to be noticable.

I guess my main concern was getting any input from the people of this board regarding the TOUCH model from Beltone, and the roundabout pricing they would’ve paid for a Premium or a gread below Premium package.

If it helps at all, though I doubt it will, it’s been commonly told to me that I’m 75% deaf in left ear and 55% deaf in right ear.

I don’t know much about hearing aids, and I am also looking for the best choice for me.

I have read a lot here. Actually I come here everyday and read about people’s experience.

I suggest you go to that test ,but don’t take from Beltone.

Check resound products . Many members here loved them.

I agree with stream2525, you should first read as much as you can about hearing aids, and then choose one. Read about ppls experience and then choose something. I hope you can find some interesting stuff on my webpage (I’m not selling anything:)) and then choose something…but first, go do that test :wink:

I’ve had some very bad experiences with Beltone and
Audibel. Would suggest you check with an audiologist that handles Phonak or Oticon.

I dont personally like beltone, BUT their products are identical to Resound
which are good. Generally betone products are cheaper. Much cheaper.

You might also seek intertone, which has also identical products at even cheaper
price points.

Intertone, had a reputation of being low quality- However, I suspect SINCE they
are GN products they are all of the same quality…

I believe Intertone you could get them @ costco

Spent 3 hours talking things over with the “salesman,” the first hour was him selling himself and how he doesn’t scam people, as this is preconceived notion of most the industry. Second hour was the hearing test (tones and word recognition) as well as a view of inside the ear, the last hour was him offering me two different models: the Identity 63HPG and the Marq 17HPG.

Prices: Identity - $6150/PR Marq - $6550/PR

I thought these were absurdly high but he wouldn’t budge, going on about quality and the services I’ll receive free for life with the purchase. These were only a one year factory warranty. He offered to get the ball rolling for a deposit of $400 today.

Checked online and found that the Resound dot 30, what appears to be the same exact thing as the Marq, are going for about $2000 a pair. You can see where I’m a little disappointed in my local service.

One thing that was offputting was that all these different models came up that were possible for me to browse, yet only two struck him as something I should purchase. I didn’t know if it was due to the severeness of my hearing lost (results I’ll post later, once I get the test faxed over from him) or if he just had two high sellers that he pushed on everyone. He did say that I tested out of a CIC model and would be better suited for an RIE. Something that came as a complete shock as I intended for a CIC model out of vanity and self-awareness. Time to swallow the pride!

Ultimately, I think I’ll go to a few more tests at a few more places. Or maybe just take the results and attempt Price isn’t everything when purchasing a hearing aid, but boy, it sure is up there.

I bought Beltone “Edge” aids 2 years ago ($3,800) and have had a moisture problem. Never checked or compared brands, prices, etc. I have been sumwhat pleased with the Beltones, but not with a particular office when I had a ear tube problem. I moved to a closer office to my home and went in to have the ear tubes replaced. After examining the aids it was determined that the moisture (sweat) had ruined them. They totally replaced them, not under warranty, for $650. Why are new ones $5,800 and complely new replacements $605?

When I need to replace them, I’m told within two years, I will spend a lot of time on this site and will get a understanding of what I need and what I’m buying. The service is good, but not worth twice the price.