Beltone hearing aids

Can anyone share their experience with Beltone hearing aids? I am trying to decide between a Beltone True and a “Phonak Spice Smart 3.”

One thing to consider is that with Beltone, you will only be able to have them serviced by beltone. If you ever decide that you are unhappy with Beltone and want to take your instruments somewhere else for adjustment, you will have to find another Beltone provider.

I have dispensed a significant number of the Smart III’s and had a lot of very happy people. They can be programmed by anyone who has Phonak fitting software.

Another thing to consider is the end producer of the Beltone aid. Isn’t that a ReSound or Starkey device? Generally an independent audiologist can order an equalivent aid from the factory that does not have so many limitations on it (in case you move in the future, etc.).

Miracle Ear = Siemens
Beltone = GN ReSound
Audibel = Starkey

Micro Tech = Starkey
NuEar = Starkey

Who makes Liberty?

According to this post,

Liberty = America Hears

I bought two Beltone True 9 aids on 12/7. Before I left the office the person dispensing the aids said she had fried the left aid and I should come back the next day to pick them up. Before I could have my two-week appointment the secretary in the office called to say that the dispenser had left the company and she would call me to make an appointment when they got somebody in. On 1/5 I wrote to Beltone New England to let them know I was feeling a little deserted because nobody had called me about setting up a new appointment. I got an almost immediate response saying the new person would call me first thing that morning which she did. Coincidentally on the same day the left aid died. New person has sent it into Beltone to have it repaired or replaced. I initially chose Beltone because I figured they were a large, established organization and they would be there for me but I’m beginning to doubt my decision.