Beltone going into Costco?

This is all very confusing to me…

I heard that a local Costco is opening a new hearing aid center the first of the year.

The local Beltone dealer told a friend of mine that THEY are the ones going into Costco. They told him if he buys a Costco membership and presents his card at the Beltone office, they will sell him their hearing aids for $2400 per pair, before they open in Costco.

Does anyone know anything about an alliance between Beltone and Costco?

Beltone is made by GN Resound which also makes the KS6 aid that Costco sells for $1800.

Doesn’t really sound right. Costco is pretty serious about training their own people. How could they sell hearing aids outside of their own delivery system?

For optical they do basically rent space to “independent” optometrists and then have their own employees sell the glasses and contacts, but optical is a whole different game than hearing aids.

I hope they don’t change to a model where they are just renting space.