Bellman & Symfon Domino Pro Personal Audio / FM System

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you have used or heard of this personal audio / FM system - its called the Domino Pro. I was able to demo the Comfort Contego and was really impressed with it, but this product from Bellman & Symfon seems much more modern.

Any input is appreciated! Tried including a link but I’m not allowed till I hit 15 posts apparently. You can find it by googling:

“Bellman & Symfon Domino Pro”

Forgot to mention my audiogram since that seems to be the norm around here. I’ve got a reverse cookie bite in my right ear. Left is completely deaf.

LEFT: 100% deaf

250 - 75
500 - 70
1000 - 70
1500 - 45
2000 - 25
3000 - 75
4000 - 90
6000 - 95
8000 - 95

Never heard of it but I know Bellman and Symfon is a good name.
My home pager system is Bellman and Symfon. :slight_smile:

I did end up getting this FM System…its very good. Haven’t had a chance to really play with it in a large variety of situations but so far so good.