Beetles HS Bluetooth headset for any hearing aids with T-coil

For those who do not have hearing aids with bluetooth built in, I have the Starkey X110 BTE hearing aids and I find them much superior than Phonak Naida S IX and the Oticon Chili SP9 hearing aids.

I have bilateral severe to profound hearing loss for 28 years since birth and I just finished medical school last year and now going into Radiology residency. I am very particular and very skilled when it comes to getting the right hearing aids and technologies (cell phones, bluetooth, cars, laptop, etc). I have no issues communicating with people in different environment with little difficulties. However, over the cell phone or home phone it depends on environment and whether the sender is over bluetooth in car or in noisy environment them self.

I have use and love the t-coil options on my hearing aids for along time now and use it with music link t-coil loops connected to my laptop and Ipod and for my cell phone when needed. I also used the t-coil in lecture halls of my medical school and find them very crisp, sharp, and loud compared to the new bluetooth built in hearing aids.

Thus, I looked into getting the best of both world with my starkey since the x series does not have the built in bluetooth like the wi series. Starkey is being very anal about having a BTE with bluetooth built in so they are dragging their feet here. I got the Beetles H-3 ST bluetooth receiver/microphone with tcoil neck loop and hooks.

It connects to my cell phone via bluetooth and then I press t-coil program on my hearing aids to program 3 after the noise cancel program. And WOW WOW WOW the sound is so nice and loud and clear as if the person on other end of line is in front of my face talking to me!!!They can hear me clearly speaking into the receiver (size of oticon and phonak com pilot). The beetle bluetooth lets me change volume, connect/disconnect, forward and reverse (for music track bluetooth wireless connection with itunes on my mac). Its perfect!!! I highly recommend people to buy these units. The neck look goes around my neck as usual and battery last more than 4 hours with 70 hours standby. I can press side button and get to voice activation to tell my phone to call someone. When I receive texts, the unit reads it out loud to me when the phone is in my pocket. I have the top rated Motorola Droid Razr maxx android phone. Iphone 4s did not do any good for me sound quality wise and has poor features compared to my android phone so I got rid of the Iphone after few months.

Buy the Beetle H-3 ST bluetooth headset at

No manufacturer has Bluetooth built into their aids. They all require an external converter.

Starkey’s Surflink Mobile will probably be a good device once it can be actually ordered. I suspect they had some last minute issues either with Bluetooth or with the RF to the aids. They just passed Bluetooth certification on April 30, 2012. That is real tight for for a release in May 2012.

That will not work with your aids, though. I am glad the Beetle is working out for you.