Beetle offered by resound

Any one have any experence with this unit. Is it only used with a cell phone or would it work with something like a ipod. It looks as if there is a hook that goes over the ear to work with the aids.

SHAME ON RESOUND, they own jabra so the group has good know how on bluetooth
they should have a very stilish solution

My understanding is the hook portion has the speaker in it, so the hook lies next to the hearing aid and that’s how you hear it. So behind your ears you have your aids, you have hooks with wires leading to the device, and then god forbid you wear glasses. Resound should be able to do much better then that. I like my resound aids but when it comes to asst. listening devices, they have a long way to go.

The Beetle is basically a Bluetooth earpiece that outputs a telecoil signal instead of sound. It communicates with BT devices. A neck loop or ear hook is what you want for an ipod.

I agree that Resound has been behind a bit when it comes to connectivity. However, they’ve got a new line of products being revealed at the American Academy of Audiology convention that reportedly have a Bluetooth receiver built into the hearing aids themselves. This is kind of a big deal. Most “Bluetooth hearing aids” use some sort of streamer that contains the BT receiver and then some other technology to get the signal to the hearing aid itself. Resound’s new line reportedly requires no streamer.

I’ll be at the convention, and I’m looking forward to seeing how large they needed to make it to house the actual receiver. From what I hear, it’s not too big.

shame on GN, they have all the know how- they own jabra and they manufacture Noahlink I simply do not know how they CAN NOT make a good bluetooth instrument if they have all this know how

I don’t really care what resound may be coming out with as far as future products. Resound needs to come out with something that their current customers can use. I didn’t shell out $5300 to find out their new technology won’t work on my current aids which aren’t that old.

It seems that’s pretty much the nature of most tech businesses. The innovation occurs so quickly that no one wants to spend time working on an older platform.

I remember seeing a computer commercial several years ago that showcased a particular brand’s upgradability. A guy’s driving around in his convertible, sees a billboard ad for a brand new computer, proudly purchases the computer, notices the billboard being changed to a new model on the way home. Funny commercial - although I’m not sure how good it was since I have no idea what brand it was for.

If that were the case, fine. But resound is way behind when it comes to technology and needs to show their current customers that they appreciate their business. Otherwise next time why not just switch over to phonak. The beetle is a poor excuse for anything.

they have some interesting things. Remote mic., azymetric directionality, etc.
Lets hope they raise the bar…

The beetle used to be owned by Noiz. Resound must have bought it. It is a good unit if you don’t mind the wires. It uses magnetic loop to transmit the sound through the t-coil.

It’s a much to be desired unit considering what else may be available, and if, as said you don’t mind the wires that hook over your ears and run down the front of your shirt and connect to the device. T-coil devices to me don’t sound all that great either, tinny.