Beetle H1 w/ 2 Hooks

I am new to this forum.

I am always on the lookout for new tech for hearing aids. I own a pair of HATIS Mach II, the Beetle dual ear hooks, and the new Beetle H1 with 2 hooks. I have tested the beetle H1 (bluetooth) and it seems nice. I am in the process of getting a new cell with bluetooth (my current one does not have it), but I tried it out on my brothers phone and it is nice. My only complaint is the set up. But this i mean the bluetooth module, wired mic, and hooks seems to fit a little awkward when you put it on. Anyone else have or try this?

I have only heared bad things on neck loops (not strong sound) which is why I have not used one. HATIS was working on a bluetooth version last year, but abandoned it. I think the person testing it out said that they prefer the wired connection. I think a HATIS silohoutte piece with a mic and bluetooth module is not far off from what they have and would give people with BTE’s a simple, snuggly fit, BT headset…

I found this in the past:
I called GNResound and their sister company. I actually talked to one of the engineer’s on the team who made it and said they stopped making this due to low demand, but this was back in 2002 before BT became wide stream…why can’t someone do this now?