Beeps with Resound (Costco) Future

I’m familiar with the dying battery tones, 2 sets of 3 descending, and the program change tones, quiet short tones.

4 times since I got these to replace an old Siemens Triano pair, I’ve put them on and had to press the push button to get sound. Then I got an 8 beep sequence (4 groups of 2) and all went on as it should.

What does this 4 group of 2 signify?

In case it matters … I’m not streaming to anything and think my 312 battery life is low … 4-5 days of about 8 hour/day use … was used to 2 weeks with the size 13 in the Siemens and more like 14 hours/day. Resound literature seems to suggest it is low, too.

Aids spend nights in a Dry-And-Store.