Been seeing this banner on this forum, for HearPod

I never hear of Hearpod, which is a banner on the top of this forum. Their website is

Anyone know anything about them? Are they for real?

The pricing on their Hearpod III which is similar to other models I have been looking at from Sonic and Siemens are like 1/4 the price.

Is this for real?

I received my HearPods a few days ago.

I faxed them my hearing test and I received the HearPods 2 days later. It was a very convenient way of receiving hearing aids.

They work quite well and I was a little worried that they would not fit my ear well, since they are not custom made. Yet they fit well and I hear well, so no complaints here.

Just thought some of you might want to know that.

They were very inexpensive, I think around $600 each, which was about 1/4 the price I was quoted from my local audiologist.

Sounds great.Which model did you get?Do they make programming software available if you want it?People report that they are also very happy with the vTec from America Hears. They are about $1000 each and include a programmer box and software. The audiologists at the factory can program your instrument over the Internet remotely or if you want you can fine-tune it yourself.$600 for the Hearpod sounds like a real value.

I got the HearPod II model in the CIC size, which are very small and hide very well.

There is no programming software that came with them, but I wouldn’t know how to program them anyway, even if it did. I was surprised that they are comfortable and I can hear quite well.

I saw the America Ears also, but they were so much more expensive and I also had some difficulty finding a place to get my ear casts taken and I was too afraid to do it myself.

Maybe for guys that are more up with this stuff might like to do these things themselves, but not for me.