Bee attack

Today I was attacked by a bee, repeatedly. It seemed to be attracted to my HA. I ran into the house and it followed me in there. Got stung just near my temple. It chased me a good 50 yards before I could get indoors.

My HA’s can vibrate if something is close to the side of my head.

I’ve heard of this happening to a friend who had to have an insect surgically removed from his ear after an insect got in past his HA and died inside his ear. Couldn’t believe it could happen but after today’s attack I do.

What kind of bee/wasp was it?

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You weren’t wearing a HAT by any chance? I’ve been chased by bees when wearing a bright PINK hat outside. I had to give it away, cuz the dang bees would swoop under the hat as if they were entering a blossom.


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Not too sure. An Australian one. I’m visiting my sister here from the USA.

Nope. No hat. But I see what you’re saying.

Welcome to Australia, where EVERYthing can kill you!

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I have been swarmed by wasps a few times when riding my mower. One time a wasp also followed me into the house and got me on the hand. My hand swelled up like a balloon and would not subside for a couple of weeks. NASTY!

So I am wondering if you were riding a tractor or operating some noisy equipment that could have disturbed the nest. They would likely be soldier bees guarding the queen which was the case with the attacks in my yard.

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About 20 years ago I was clearing some property, mowing. All of a sudden it was like night around me, dark, it was hundreds of bumble bees. I managed to shut the mower down and run away from the area. It took getting about 50 yards distance from the swarm before they left me alone. I was stung 17 times on my back and neck. I could have sworn Nolan Ryan was hitting me with his fastball each sting!

Pretty intense.

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Just saw a great movie “Honeyland” highly recommended,

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Odd I would say. I am a beekeeper and often do not wear head gear. I never have issues with honey bees messing with my ears. Up my nose, yes, but never my OPN1s.

I’m in the New York City area, perhaps those bees down under see things differently.