Be careful when removing face mask while wearing hearing aids

It’s easy to yank out HA and even lose it. Or break the wire. I did have one mask that wrapped around head rather than ears. Haven’t found one since.
(My audi has had several patients experiencing these problems.)

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There are many threads on this issue, and many great solutions.

There are several items out there which you will want to consider.

  1. Hearing Aid Retainers. Available for RIC and BTE, comes in several colors. Once you decide what you like, check Amazon; carries some but not all the colors. Hearing Aid Retainers

  2. Hearing Aid Clips. Best Hearing Aid Clips and Accessories | Clear Living

  3. If you wear eyeglasses, Hearing Aid retainers may be what you want.

  4. Hearing Aid suspenders. Head band. Developed for children, work for adults.

  5. Charms, Cheerings, Tube twists. Hayley’s Cherished Charms. offers charms, tube twists, cheerings and more to dress up your hearing aid. These may help find it easier once it flies off your ear.

There are many options, and Etsy also has TONS of ideas. I tried to put the key words first; do your own search, you will find lots of hits with each one.

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Check my post right above this. Re the mask that wrapped around the head rather than the ears, there are SO MANY out there. You can search: mask head strap.

I bought some ‘ear savers’ at Staples, set of 5 for $6.99. Again there are many different styles, on Amazon and all over the internet. Just search; the options are mind boggling. Consider that most of these things weren’t even dreamt up a year ago, and wow!!

I lost one and it got smashed before I could find it - oh well, you learn the hard way sometimes. I use these from Amazon - 4 to a pack - 1st one broke but otherwise works well.

Rope Extender

Here is a technique that works very well with a standard ear loop mask (posted earlier)

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You can find masks with one strap that secure to the back of your head. Several links were posted on subject matter a few weeks back. Why risk damage to aid with straps around ears when a single strap does the job.

I use a full medical clear face shield and not a mask. I have issues with the mask and my doctor recommended the shield

Everytime l remove the mask, l start with the left ear first that has no hearing aid. Then l remove slowly off my right ear. Most of the time, the mask loop string gets caught on the earmold tubing so l would have to remove my right hearing aid to get the mask off.

I wear put the ear loops below my ears tied behind my head with a piece of elastic. Maybe not pretty, but it’s how I figured out a neck strap was my best option.

My audiologist gave me a plastic sort of “S” shaped thing (with his practice’s name clearly visible of course). You run the elastic from the mask below your ears and to this thing thereby avoiding the HAs entirely.