Battery vs Rechargeable. 1st month with Rexton M-Core R-LI Rechargeable Aids

  1. When I wore these aids I could definitely hear better than with my old Resounds. Always had Resounds from Costco.
  2. When using dryer need to shut aids of or they pick up all of your phone calls. No battery door to open. Found that out when missed calls. HIS said not to shut off unless needed. Wonder why.
  3. Hearing Instrument Specialist said wouldn’t need molds. Wrong. Went back ordered molds. Domes kept drifting out of ear as they always do. Can’t wear until molds are in.
  4. Battery life when I did use didn’t seem to last. After wearing for 8 hours placed them in charger they were low/in red after being fully charged.
  5. HIS suggested rose color, closest to skin color. Wrong . Looks like I have 2 ear rings protruding from top of ears! Very shiny color. Exchanging for traditional old fashion color.
  6. No audible beeps when switching volume just clicks. Barely can hear the clicks.
  7. Fully automatic/no separate selective channels is still out to the jury.
  8. App allows microphone directional selection. This is a nice feature!

Will update when I use them more. Picking up earmolds and changing color Wednesday.

  1. In terms of color, skin color is boring to me. I would take the color to look cool. if someone wears skin color it usually means that the person is ashamed to wear hearing aids, before I was ashamed when I went to school next to other children and I often hid hearing aids with my hair and now I don’t want that anymore. I would take some color combination with black or gray to look cool because hearing aids are cool. they have cool possibilities, that’s how you should think :slight_smile:

  2. I think an audiologist can choose in his software on a computer the volume, and the sound tone. Maybe a different sound that you could hear better.

NOT ashamed to wear hearing aids. I am bald so the shiny pink color stood out like a sore thumb. Black and gray would look nice.

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if after only 8hrs. your batteries were drained that’s bad… I wear my ReSound 1’s about 15 hrs a day and stream TV 4 to 6 hrs a day and I still have 60% battery left at end of day

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I have had Resounds for years. HIS wanted me to try these Rextons due to being less expensive. I am not a fan. Cannot get settings correct. Always have hissing background noise. Cannot get teleconnect to work. He is frustrated. I cannot wear them. Ear molds he made are great. Experimented left out of charger and on the other day and they were dead after 8 hours. Do you like your Resounds? How long have you had them? Have not ben able to wear very long.

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i had quattros for 2 yrs and now have the 1’s for about 2 months and really like there all around program … I haven’t had any chances to really use the restaurant or ultra focus programs because of covid … battery life is as good if not a little better than my old quattros… I wear them about 15 hrs a day and have streamed TV when football was on over 8 hrs and still had 60% battery life

So they are rechargeable? I have always had battery powered ones never rechargeable. I probably just stick with Resounds.

In general those Rexton aids are fine. Not my favorite, not my least favorite. They should be pretty comparable to Resound aids from Costco. However, dying after only 8 hours means there is something wrong. Do not keep your current pair! Make sure you get a brand new set.
Your other issues should be easily resolved if your HIS knows their stuff.
2. Always shut the aids off if they aren’t in your ears. The charger should act as a low grade dehumidifier. If you need a to use a separate hearing aid dryer, then you should not be using rechargeable. The recharging process takes many hours, so does the drying process. You don’t want to set an alarm in the middle of the night to swap between charging and drying.
5. Use whatever color you like. I personally wear black and silver because I like the high tech look.
6. Should be very easily resolved. A good HIS should have made sure you could hear them before you left on the first day
7. Setting up additional programs is very easy. I usually don’t recommend many programs, but why not have a couple options? Keep an automatic program and a manual program.
You also mentioned some hissing. That is not normal. Perhaps a new paper of aids will solve that issue. Often, however, it’s just a matter of proper programming.

If I were in your shoes, I would shop around for a different hearing provider. Your current HIS doesn’t seem to understand some of the most basic functions of your hearing aids.

I have always bought from Costco. He did good when I bought my Resounds 4 years ago. When I demoed them he said I didn’t need dryer anymore. I figured because no battery door/better sealed. Then when I picked them up he said I would need to use dryer. That is why I went with rechargeable vs battery. He cannot not get the telleconnect/remote adjusting feature to work.

What kind of phone do you have? Which model?

The teleconnect feature can be tricky. It is still in it’s infancy and takes some finess to do it well.
Well, no matter what you need a different pair of aids, do not keep these… They are dying way too fast and trying to juggle a charger and a dryer is too much hassle.

iPhone 12. Not the super (expensive) one one model down.

I have positioned my charger for my rechargeable hearing aids in our hot water storage tank/cylinder (electric) cupboard. It is a wide cupboard with shelves for airing clothes on one side and the charger is on the bottom shelf alongside the computer printer paper.
Luckily there is a separate mains power wall socket at the back of the cupboard and the power unit for the charger is plugged into this socket. So I get the gentle drying from the heat leaking from the storage tank at the same time as the aids get charged overnight. - I like your innovation.

Useful discussion, thanks all!

Well still no luck getting teleconnect to work. Wore these Saturday night or four hours. Put them in charger. Red Lights were flashing on left one and yellow lights on right one meaning low on charge. Last night arrived home after work and power was out. Heard this loud squealing coming from somewhere. It was these hearing aids in the charger. They turn on automatically, feature I do not like, when removed from charger. The power was out thus the aids turned on in the closed charger as if removed from charger. Thus the squealing. I bought these as a retirement gift to myself and now I am beginning to regret it. Thought rechargeable was the way to go.
Switched between old Resounds and These Rextons. I hear better with old Resounds.
Anyone using new Resound rechargeable?

25FF … yes and I already responded to you in an earlier post above

With the Phonak Paradise rechargeable aids you can set them to either turn on automatically, or set them to not turn on via the app. Perhaps this can be done with your aids as well.


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If this is the Resound post I did not know what quattros were. Apologize for asking again

FF… yes resound quattros came out 2yrs ago and now the 1’s are the next generation