Battery voltage on #13 battery

I, have been checking prices and brands on #13 batteries and have noticed some are 1.4 volts and some are listed as 1.45. Some guidance would be appreciated, can’t seem to find any info in the ReSound literature on voltage…
Thanks in advance,

Perhaps we have somebody with technical knowledge, but I think it’s just a rounding thing. As far as I know all disposable hearing aid batteries have the same zinc-air chemistry and produce the same voltage.

1.4 is the nominal voltage. It is a chemical reaction so there could be some minor variation, I suppose.

Thanks MDB, sure don’t want to ruin my first pair of HA

.05V won’t cause damage.

OK, good to know… Thanks.

It’s a common thing with batteries. Our HA “batteries” are actually cells. All zinc-air batteries provide the same voltage.

Think about your car battery… 12 volts, right? WRONG!!! A lead-acid cell outputs 2.2 volts. There are six cells in you car battery, so it’s output is really 13.2 volts… but it’s called 12 volts nominal.

Thanks, TexasBob…