Battery Usage Notification

Question - Does Apple’s iOS system or Android monitor battery usage for disposable HA batteries? I’m aware rechargeable batteries can be monitored for battery life, but curious if same holds for disposable batteries. If disposable batteries usage cannot be tracked, then what is the “life span” of a disposable battery (say size 13) with limited streaming/bluetooth usage. Versus what is the “life span” of disposable with medium streaming/bluetooth usage?

So say a size 13 battery last seven days with an older HA with no bells and whistles. Pre 2014. Then take that 13 battery and use in a Phonak Marvel with limited connectivity versus medium connectivity. How much does battery life change/drop in limited streaming versus medium streaming?

I’ll take a complete guess and say with limited streaming/bluetooth connection you lose one day of battery life. And with medium streaming/bluetooth you lose two days of battery life. Now I could be completely off and maybe batteries drain faster then I’m guessing. Thoughts appreciated.

I am only familiar with the Costco/Rexton/Signia line, but in it there is an android and iOS app that will report battery life of a disposable. However, your phone has be be new enough to make it run and my phone isn’t so I can’t report on how reliable it is. That said I suspect it is not that reliable because the battery voltage discharge curve of a zinc air battery is very flat. Based on voltage it is not possible to predict how long a battery is going to have left until it gets right near the end of life. See this graph. If an app or HA is going to accurately predict life, I believe it needs to monitor current draw over time to estimate the life left. Not sure any do that, but it should be possible.

I think size 13 batteries are in the order of double the life of a 312, but it varies quite a bit based on the brand. Newer HA’s seem to be more energy efficient. My expectation is to get 4-5 days out of 312’s. One thing to keep in mind is that they are very cheap at Costco. In Canada I believe the price is about $12 for 48, so 25 cents each or 50 cents for 4-5 days. Graphs I have seen show that Bluetooth streaming does not affect life that much, perhaps by 10% or so. Another factor that will affect battery life is your hearing aid gain. The more loss you have, the more gain is used, and the more power is drawn from the battery.

Here is a link you may find useful:

How Long do Hearing Aid Batteries Last and Cost?

It is actually the hearing aids that do the reporting. And if that type of information is communicated to your phone from the hearing aids then it will be present on your phone or other device

@Sierra hits the point that discharge curve so flat that it is not accurate until the last hour or so of use, at least for me. I have Costco ReSound Forte 8 (LINX 3D) with size 13 batteries, I wait 5 minutes from unsealing new ones until I install them, and rotate batteries right to left and left to right every day. I am quite consistent in getting 15+ days use with Apple phone and watch. Twice I got 16 days. I record the batt change in my phone calendar each time.

I do not stream much, preferring ear buds since I have good low end hearing and my loss is high end “ski slope” loss. I enjoy better base notes with ear buds and get longer HA battery life. The occasional direct to HA streaming I do is when I have a link to a video or some such in an email or a Twitter link when checking it away from home on the phone. At this time, no TV connecter since I hear TV fine with the HAs.

I have experimented with recording the time when I get the first low batt warning (start stopwatch app on watch) untill the HA shuts off. That time is usually 45-75 minutes, shorter if streaming, longer if not streaming.

I have new OPN1 hearing aids and they use 312 batteries, I have it depends on the make and brand of batteries. Rayovac batteries last almost twice as long as Power One and Duracell Batteries. I do stream a lot from my iPhone, iPad, and TV. Oticon says the batteries in my ITE aids should last 50 to 60 hours and I am get any where from 45 to 80 hours, depending on the brand of battery I use. I do not see the purpose of taking out my hearing aids to put earbuds in my ears, that is what my hearing aids basically are.

Something is off here. 15 plus days of battery life along with using iPhone and watch? Man you need to tell me what brand of disposable HA batteries you are buying so I can load up. I’ve never heard of any disposable battery lasting more then two weeks with normal - day in day out usage. One has to wonder if you are wearing hearing aid 10, 12 hours a day versus half that? I assume you are also aware that disposable batteries degrade as time goes by so anyone using a 15 day old battery won’t get (peak HA performance) versus a one week old battery. In my opinion you might get 15 days of battery life with a 675 battery but no way with 13, unless you are using HA off and on or just half a day.

I’m always eager to put them in first thing around 0600, out for an hour to shower, back in until bedtime at 2230 to 2300. I cannot think of a time I had them in less than 12 hours, that was during a medical procedure that the nurses had me take them our for the three hours that was being done and I went to bed early around 2200.

The only batteries I have used are from Costco, local store price $8.79 for 48.