Battery Question

Does anyone know if there are any difference in battery sizes? Mine says 10A on the batteries I got with the hearing aids, but when I looked at the store models, all they had were size 10 and ZA10. Is that the same thing?

Battery dimensions are standardized across all brands. All sizes are the same—just look for the color standard to find your battery size

The most common battery sizes are 10, 13, 312 and 675. To make recognition easier, most manufacturers color code hearing aid batteries according to industry standards:

Does it matter which company I go with for the Delta 6000? It takes the size 10.


What Toyman said is completely correct.

You can ignore any letters you see before or after your battery model number. As long as it says 10 in the size or has yellow as the color code you are fine.

Brands wise I like Rayovac, but any of the other names you’ve heard of should be fine.

would energizer size 10 last any longer then rayovac?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on so many factors. You’d have to try them both for a month or so and see.

Modern aids sometimes use more battery power in certain environmental conditions. For example in background noise they need to do more work to get you a nice sound quality.

It’s not like energizer is a bad brand or anything. I’m sure it will be very similar to Rayovac.


I use the number 10 size.

On average I get 4 days each, some times more sometimes less.

My aids are rated I believe for 70 to 75 hours usage. ( 16 hrs x 4 days = 72)

I have tried at least 6 mfgrs and they all were about the same.

Buying batteries, price can vary from .88 to .22 each.

Suggest you try Ebay or and no I don’t
own shares or know anyone that works a these places.

Tom h

Is the icell batterys from a good place to buy them from and are they good batterys? I have the Delta 6000

I have used the icell batteries from and they seem to be as good as any of the others.